by J. Camm on December 8, 2012

According to the Inquisitr:

A racist sorority photo may get some female Baylor students in trouble. The Facebook photos deemed by some as “racist” and “offensive” have raised an online firestorm and have prompted a response by officials at Baylor University, a Christian college in Texas. The controversy rages as the nation considers illegal immigration and how to deal with immigration reform.

According to Fox News, the racist sorority photos first emerged when Baylor student Hannah Ray posted a public Facebook profile depicting a group of girls dressed in ponchos, sombreros, and fake mustaches. For the photo, the girls even smudged the resemblance of dirt on their faces and hung signs around their necks that read “Green Card?”

The second racist sorority photo was posted on Hannah Ray’s Instagram account. This photo featured the same Baylor girls climbing over a makeshift wall that appears to resemble a border fence. The photo has since been removed from Instagram but the caption read: “Best entrance ever #lodge #mexicans #hoppinthafence viva mexicooooo!!”

Could be that they are just BIG fans of Taco Bell…crossin' the border and shit. Whatever it is, I'm sure it wasn't done maliciously and people need to stop getting so goddamn offended.

[H/T Nameless Baylor Student]

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