by J. Camm on February 7, 2014


As if we all don’t regret not going to Arizona State already this prick has to send us video confirmation that we all made a mistake. And by “all” I, of course, mean those of us who couldn’t get into better schools anyway. So shut up, you smart fuckers, the rest of us know there are better schools that will get you jobs when you graduate. But is that REALLY the goal of college?

Per Reader Email:

Subject: These Bitches Are Hotttttttt

Naturally, I opened the email.

yo.   you bros gotta see this video.  i go to asu and  these alpha phi bitches are the hottest sorority in the country.   truth.


You know what? I think Horny Tim is on to something. He’s god awful at capitalizing words and not referring to girls as “bitches,” but he’s on to something nonetheless. I watched the video and this ASU sorority brings the heat. Are they the hottest sorority in the country? The fuck if I know. But if you think you know of a hotter sorority please send us your argument, preferably in video form. Contact(at)BroBible(dot) Com.

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[H/T Reader Horny Tim]

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