by David Covucci on December 2, 2013

The list was spawned by the site's readers, who are to college kids what dolphins are to pieces of discarded cinderblock. Still, Travel + Leisure employees were tasked with compiling this list, and here's what they had to say about the home of the University of Vermont. 

With local legends like Ben and Jerry and jam-band Phish, this lakefront town is known for its hippie vibe. And while breweries, coffee shops (rated No. 9), bike paths, and live music venues solidify its college with a capital C identity, a thriving artisanal food scene suggests that Burlington is growing up. 

Oh. Because when I was selecting a college, I was very concerned if the town it was in was home to a national ice cream chain and a band that was a punchline to a boring acid trip 15 years ago. Personally, I never would have gone to college in Blacksburg, Virginia if I knew how few gluten-free bakeries it had. Anyone care to guess what number two is?

Charlottesville, Virginia. And what is the stated basis for its position as the second-best college town in America?

What do Tina Fey, Bobby Kennedy, and Tiki Barber have in common? All are alums of the University of Virginia. 

Oh. Because… I don't know. 

[There's also] the renovated Paramount Theater, where you can see everything from the Moscow Ballet to up-and-coming bands (Dave Matthews Band got its start here in the early ’90s). 

So, the two reasons for the two best college towns IN AMERICA cited by Travel + Leisure are that the cities gave birth to jam bands? What's next on this list, Buffalo because moe. got its start there? No, it's San Luis Obispo, CA. And why is San Luis Obispo, CA the third-best college town IN AMERICA? 

T+L readers gave it the top score for coffee; get your fix at The Nautical Bean. 

It's got a nice coffee shop. WHAT THE FUCK? Are you fucking kidding me?

No, they aren't. Four is Colonial Williamsburg. COLONIAL FUCKING WILLIAMSBURG. That's exactly where you want to go to college. Where the townies dress up in 1650s garb.

I done with this. Fuck you, Travel + Leisure readers. Seriously, fuck you.

[UVM Image via Shutterstock]