by Stevie Chay Vaughan on August 19, 2012

While the 48 percent number was surprisingly high for a group of people often called the “Hook-Up Generation,” the traditional double standard is still firmly intact.

Men however, were far more likely than women to hold a “traditional double standard” i.e. they felt that women who hook up a lot are worse than men that hook up a lot. 25 percent of men felt this way, compared to only 6 percent of women. Frat boys were even more likely to feel this way, with 37 percent involved in Greek life reported having this attitude. In fairness, sorority sisters were the most likely to hold a “reverse double standard,” which means they think men are worse than women for hooking up all the time.


For anyone who actually is promiscous in college, I doubt they'd give much of a sh*t about these findings. But it might be a good idea to not alway loudly brag about your exploits in the future.

H/T: Huffington Post

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