Ohio State Marching Band Prepares To Play ‘Call Me Maybe’ For Entire Football Season

It’s going to be a long, long season for Ohio State football. First, Braxton Miller goes down for the season […]

I Can’t Stop Watching This Ridiculous Beer Pong Trick Shot

I just... I don't... I can't... HOW?!?!?!?!?

4 Easy Ways to Make Money During Your First College Semester

Ball, fuck, and get paid. Or just get paid. Up to you, really.

Two Arizona State Bros Annihilated This Reporter With a ‘FHRITP’ Combo for the Ages

It's times like these he wishes he became a weather man.

Arizona State Girl Drinking Fireball Straight from the Bottle In the Student Section

Sneaking Fireball into the student section... CLASSIC Arizona State move.

16 Prison Slang Terms You Should Definitely Use At College

You speak a completely different language at school than you do at home. Everyone on campus knows the slang terms […]

College Girl Yells ‘I Hit It First’ as a Joke, Gets Slapped with Bullshit Harassment Charges

The level of over-sensitivity on college campuses is too damn high.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Rides a Beer Keg Down the Street

This is seriously everything we love about college.

Someone Flew a Drone Over University of Central Florida’s Sorority Bid Day

Drone videos are the hottest trend in college videos for the 2014-2015 school year.

Prince Fox Drops a Dope Remix of Cazzette’s ‘Sleepless’

Prince Fox and Jenaux are back at it, combining both of their styles to remix Cazzette’s hit “Sleepless."

You’ll Never Guess How Many Brain Cells You ACTUALLY Kill After A Night Of Heavy Drinking

Game changer here.

Arizona State Had 400 Arrests After Its First Weekend In Session Because Its Students Rage THAT Hard

You do you, ASU.

Four LSU Sigma Chi’s Were Arrested For Doing The DUMBEST Thing In Their Chapter House


You’re Doing Something Wrong If This Video From FSU Doesn’t Get You Pumped For Classes To Start

One more week.

Guess What Sorority at East Carolina University Has an Uber Hot Video?

Any guesses? Any?

Snapchat Story Shows How Chico State Got So TURNT During Welcome Week That It Burnt Down a Fraternity House

This Snapchat story -- uploaded to YouTube -- shows how turnt things got at Chico.

This Is All the Swag Google, Microsoft and Intel Summer Interns Got this Year

They pay you for a summer and you become a walking billboard for life.

This Song From Tri-Delt At LSU Literally Shits On Every Sorority, Calling Them ‘Poser C*nts’


The Top 50 Colleges with the Hottest Girls, According to One Student Survey

There are rankings for EVERYTHING when it comes to college, including rankings for the colleges with the hottest girls.

7 Theme Parties You’ll End Up At During College

Drinking never gets boring, the way you do it does.

FIJI Fraternity Suspended at Texas Tech For Taking Nude Pictures

Sadly, this story is probably going to repeat itself at least 10 times this year.

ASU Students Move Into Insane Apartment Complex With Virtual Golf, Lazy River

I remember the year every dorm on campus got internet and cable. In the same semester! It was dial-up but, […]

How to Be a College Student In 32 Steps: A Guide for Freshman Year

A LOT of colleges start back up this week, which means that the best four years of your life is underway, college freshmen.

The Top 10 Colleges That Order the Most Late-Night Food

It's pretty much a matter of fact that college kids like to devour delivery like hungry soldiers when they're drunk.

WATCH: Bros Make Next Level Beer Pong Trick Shot Video

Beer pong is like anything else: If you spend 10,000+ hours playing it, you'll achieve Jedi-level mastery, so I hear Malcolm Gladwell says in Outliers.

College Girl at F.I.T. Finds $150,000 In Cocaine While Moving Into Her Dorm

Weird way to start the school year for one NYC college student.

Want to See A Map That Shows Where Schools From College Movies Are Located? Okay Here Ya Go.

Spoiler: Everything is in California.

Epic Video from Manasquan’s Around the World Party 2014 Is Proof the Jersey Shore Isn’t Just For Snooki

The Bro paradise of Manasquan on the Jersey Shore is the second best place to party on summer weekends after Dewey […]

Freshman Girl Suffers a Gruesome Injury Involving a Golf Club at an Arkansas State Fraternity Party

This is a lousy way way to start the school year at Arkansas State.

Bro Has the Trillest Rap Ever About Wearing Sperrys, Snapbacks, and Gettin’ Laid

Is frat rap ready for a comeback?