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Tina Fey GIFs – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

By / 04.30.13

As far as nerd crushes go, Tina Fey’s right there with some of our favorites like Kaley Cuoco. Don’t agree? Take a look at these sexy and hilarious Tina Fey GIFs.

35 A cleavagey high-five

34 Yea, like you haven’t done that

33 Dat booty

32 Perhaps her greatest SNL infomercial

31 Epic double middle-finger

30 The self high-five

29 We’ve all made that mistake

28 Lazy Liz Lemon

27 Yep

26 Monday’s, amirite?

25 She ain’t

24 Sexy as Leia

23 Tina Fey as Sarah Palin > Sarah Palin


21 So, so hot

20 Party up in here!

19 Tina Fey, photobomber

18 Dat hair flip though

17 Where Tina Fey devolves into ALF

16 Adjust the ladies

15 White people

14 It’s just another Manic Monday

13 Profound

12 Making it rain all over her boobs

11 Tina the stripper

10 Yes, transvaginal is a word

9 Good point

8 Angry Liz Lemon

7 The sexy librarian

6 And what word is that?

5 True story: she coined that term

4 Awkward white people

3 Threesome y’all

2 Tina going #2

1 Of course Surprised Patrick makes an appearance

(GIFs via Tina Fey GIFs, Reddit)

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