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Scarlett Johansson in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

By / 06.12.12


Is Scarlett Johansson the most GIFable female movie star working today? Perhaps this Guyism GIFs Anthology will provide you with an answer.

30 Scarlett as a ‘hump day hottie’

29 Inappropriate touching of her Golden Globes

You have to love a woman that enjoys being groped.

28 Licking Jimmy Kimmel’s ear

27 Black Widow

In her most impressive role as ‘The Black Widow.’

26 Kissing Sandra Bullock

25 Bouncing in a pool

Among the greatest GIFs ever!

24 Scarlett as the other woman

23 Saying ‘what?’

22 Scarlett gets out of the shower

…inevitably led to the leaked nude pics.

21 With Bill Murray in Lost in Translation

20 Scarlett after reading ’50 Shades of Grey’

19 Scarlett has power over men

The mere touch from Scarlett’s hand causes men to go wild.

18 The Stink Eye

17 Scarlett on Kimmel

Scarlett rocking back and forth.

16 Sexily applying lipstick

15 More ‘Black Widow’

And that’s what you get Jon Favreau.

14 The slow zoom and pan

13 The quarter smile

12 Scarlett the drinker

She likes to party.

11 Embarrassed Scarlett

10 Sneaking a peek at Scarlett’s boobies

I expect more out of the Hulk.

9 She’s got the munchies

8 Scarlett sans bra

Can you shake her a bit more forcefully next time?

7 Wipe away those tears

6 Tad bit nipply

Just a guess but I think she’s cold.

5 Scarlett smoking

4 Blowing kisses


3 Words are coming out of her mouth

2 It’s tough being Scarlett

1 Scarlett is topless

We saved this one for last. Because last is best.

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