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Ranking the hot hookups of Mark Sanchez

By / 09.21.12

mark sanchez dating history girlfriends

Just like Derek Jeter before him, Mark Sanchez is another New York sports star with an impressive dating resume. A resume he has added impressively to in the past couple of months. Granted, Mark hasn’t been on the scene as long as The Captain, but his alleged dating history is still a strong one. And with many more years of fame to come he surely will add more names to it. So, where does he currently rank among the greats? Read on to find out.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Casey Reinhardt (2009)

Sanchez was just a rookie in the NFL at this time so it makes sense for him to start out dating a pseudo-celebrity just to get his feet wet.

Hookup score: 8.0
Good start, but Laguna Beach barely qualified as a TV show.

Photo: YouTube

Hilary Rhoda (2009)

Now, he’s comfortable in his superstar skin and it’s showing. It doesn’t hurt that they met on the set of a photo shoot for GQ in which she posed with him in a bikini.

Hookup score: 10.0
Legendary supermodel? Yes, that’s a 10.

Photo: YouTube

Katarina Ivanovska (2010)

So what do you do once you’ve dated one of the all-time great supermodels? Go find a 21 year-old supermodel from Macedonia. What could they possibly have talked about?

Hookup score: 9.5
Perhaps too harsh a score since she was a 21 year-old supermodel and all, but she isn’t really that famous. Judgement call.

Photo: YouTube

Jamie-Lynn Sigler (2010)

Enough with the supermodels. Now it’s time to take a dip in the sexy actress pool. Reportedly this didn’t last because Sanchez had “wandering eyes.” Atta boy.

Hookup score: 9.0
She was in Entourage at the time so bonus points for that.

Photo: YouTube

Hayden Panettiere (2011)

This one was never 100% confirmed and if it did happen it didn’t last long. Plus, within a year she began dating Sanchez’s teammate Scotty McKnight.

Hookup score: 8.5
We do know they spent some time together because there were photos, but there doesn’t seem to have been much going on here.

Photo: YouTube

Kate Upton (2011)

Back to supermodels, and not just any supermodel, but THE supermodel of the moment, Kate Upton. One report even had the two them being engaged. How he ever let her get away is a mystery for the ages.

Hookup score: 10.0
If there were a higher score, he would get it.

Photo: YouTube

Eva Longoria (2012-Present)

He’s 25, she’s 37. And there’s no doubt that they are dating since it’s all over the New York tabloids.

Hookup score: 9.0
She’s perhaps the most famous of his girlfriends, plus an extra half point for his first celebrity cougar.

Other less-substantiated alleged flings: Kristin Cavallari, Ashley Dupre, Erin Heatherton, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay McCormick, Michelle Trachtenberg

Photo: YouTube

Final Tally

Mark Sanchez’s Hookup Score: 64 points

That puts the current Jets quarterback firmly in the 19th spot. Not bad considering this score has been accumulated over JUST THREE YEARS! Expect him to move up the rankings by the end of his career in the NFL.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio – 187 points

2. Jack Nicholson – 163

3. Charlie Sheen – 136

4. George Clooney – 93

5. Josh Hartnett – 91

6. Justin Timberlake – 82

7. Orlando Bloom – 81

8. Derek Jeter – 80

9. Joe Jonas – 77

10. Ryan Reynolds – 75

11. Ryan Gosling – 72

12t. Kanye West – 71

12t. Brad Pitt – 71

14t. Colin Farrell – 70

14t. Adam Levine – 70

16. Sean Penn – 69

17. Johnny Depp – 67

18. Jake Gyllenhaal – 66

19. Mark Sanchez – 64

20t. Alexander Skarsgard – 62

20t. Wilmer Valderrama – 62

20t. Gerard Butler – 62

23. John Mayer – 60

24. Bradley Cooper – 57

25. Edward Norton – 51

Photos: Ivanovska, Longoria, Panettiere, Reinhart, Rhoda, Sigler, Upton

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