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Kate Upton in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

By / 05.02.12

Twitter, Kate Upton

Kate Upton dancing. Kate Upton in a bikini. Kate Upton on a runway. Perhaps no model has been in GIF form more than the sexy Ms. Upton. Here are the best ones on the internet in our very first installment of the Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology.

32 Kate Upton banned Super Bowl commercial

31 Kate Upton Beach Bunny runway

And to think, this is only the second greatest Kate Upton GIF on the internet (see #1).

30 Kate Upton Beach Bunny

29 Kate Upton eating a Hardees burger

In another life, I’d love to come back as that hamburger.

28 Kate Upton on location for SOBE

Ok, ok, I’m coming.

27 Kate Upton SOBE

This young fella is in for quite a surprise.

26 Kate Upton Beach Bunny

A belated Happy Easter to you too Kate Upton.

25 Kate Upton original ‘Dougie’ at Clippers game

The GIF that started it all

24 Kate Upton beach dancing for swimsuit calendar

23 Kate Upton Cat Daddy

Bet you didn’t know what the ‘Cat Daddy’ was until yesterday.

22 Kate Upton beach dancing for swimsuit calendar

21 Kate Upton running

20 Kate Upton for Beach Bunny swimwear

19 Kate Upton dancing

18 Kate Upton photoshoot

17 Kate Upton randomly blowing kisses


16 Kate Upton for SOBE again

15 Kate Upton for Beach Bunny swimwear

I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave.

14 Kate Upton interview with Guyism

With our very own Ryan Jones!

13 Kate Upton sprayed down for SOBE

12 More Kate Upton for SOBE

11 Kate Upton for Beach Bunny swimwear

10 Kate Upton fashion photoshoot

Luckiest cat ever?

9 SOBE staring contest

Yes, you would lose a staring contest to her.

8 Kate Upton lingerie shoot

7 Kate Upton with Guyism

6 More Beach Bunny swimwear

5 Kate Upton Easter photoshoot

4 Kate Upton Cat Daddy

3 Kate Upton lingerie shoot

2 Kate Upton for Esquire

1 Kate Upton is a bunny


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