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50 women we’re thankful for in 2012

By / 11.21.12

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It’s almost Thanksgiving so it’s time to give thanks. 2012 has been a heck of a year and that’s due in large part to the many sexy, funny and entertaining women of the world. Here are 50 ladies we’d like to thank for everything that they did this year. Hopefully we didn’t leave anyone out, but if we did, well, there’s always next year.

Photo credit: YouTube/RTE

50 Jennifer Morrison

We’re thankful to Jennifer Morrison for wearing this dress on Jimmy Fallon’s show in October.

49 Leanna Decker

We’re thankful to Leanna Decker for being one hell of a Cyber Girl of the Year.

48 Cintia Dicker

We’re thankful to Cintia Dicker for putting out one of the sexiest videos of the year.

47 Kaki West

Kaki West thankful

Brian B. Hayes

We’re thankful to Kaki West for introducing herself to us in so many special ways.

Photo credit: Brian B. Hayes

46 Hope Dworaczyk

Hope Dworaczyk thankful

Hope Dworaczyk, <a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a>

We’re thankful to the former Playmate of the Year for continuing to be as sexy as when she won the award and for sharing that fact with us on a regular basis.

Photo credit: Hope Dworaczyk, Instagram

45 Courtney Stodden

We’re thankful to Courtney Stodden for being batshit crazy and for continuing to do whatever the hell it is she and her husband are attempting to do.

44 Alana Blanchard

We’re thankful to Alana Blanchard for filling that much needed surfer girls on television hole that so desperately needed to be filled.

43 Irina Shayk

We’re thankful to Irina Shayk for continuing to be the sexiest WAG on the planet (and for hooking up in a photo shoot with Izabel Goulart).

42 Jena Sims

We’re thankful to Jena Sims for becoming our new favorite actress who is sure to be a star someday.

41 Emma Glover

We’re thankful to Emma Glover for discovering her true talent, using it to maximum effect, and ensuring the future of the British glamour model trade.

40 Ciara

We’re thankful to Ciara for continuing to be the sexiest singer that we hardly ever hear anything about.

39 Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka thankful


We’re thankful to Priyanka (and the NFL Network) for the sexiest photo shoot of a woman in NFL jerseys since Jaime Edmondson hit the scene.

Photo credit: Meeno

38 Jessica Burciaga

Jessica Burciaga thankful

Jessica Burciaga, <a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a>

We’re thankful to Jessica Burciaga for continuing to share her many talents with the world on a regular basis.

Photo credit: Jessica Burciaga, Instagram

37 Lucy Pinder

We’re thankful to Lucy Pinder for putting out perhaps the sexiest calendar of the year and letting us see how it was made.

36 Chrissy Teigen

We’re thankful to Chrissy Teigen for, well, being Chrissy Teigen.

35 Miley Cyrus

We’re thankful to Miley Cyrus for, despite now being of legal age, still always keeping things interesting.

34 Hayden Panettiere

We’re thankful to Hayden Panettiere for returning to network TV so she can make music videos like this and appear on talk shows like this.

33 Kelly Brook

We’re thankful to Kelly Brook for modeling her own line of clothes and for her appearance above in Keith Lemon: The Film.

32 Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner thankful

Sophie Turner, <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>

We’re thankful to Sophie Turner for continuing to generate interest in herself by constantly posting sexy pictures of herself on Twitter.

Photo credit: Sophie Turner, Twitter

31 Vanessa Hudgens


<a href="" target="_blank">YouTube/Lionsgate</a>

We’re thankful to Vanessa Hudgens to trying to shed her Disney image by appearing as a stripper in the film The Frozen Ground.

Photo credit: YouTube/Lionsgate

30 Megan Fox

We’re thankful to Megan Fox for continuing to produce sexy photos and videos despite the fact that she spent almost the entire year pregnant.

29 Monica Cruz

We’re thankful to Monica Cruz for finally and definitively proving that she is, in fact, the sexiest sister in her family.

28 Georgia Salpa

We’re thankful to Georgia Salpa for being really good at making sexy videos.

27 Melanie Iglesias

We’re also thankful to Melanie Iglesias for continuing to make sexy videos. (Hey, we like sexy videos and that’s what she does.)

26 Rihanna

Rihanna thankful

Rihanna, <a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a>

We’re thankful to Rihanna for always stirring up controversy and for always being half-naked about every time we see her.

Photo credit: Rihanna, Instagram

25 Coco

We’re thankful to Coco for giving us the best weather report in history during Hurricane Sandy.

24 Nina Dobrev

We’re thankful to Nina Dobrev for showing us all just how flexible she is.

23 Alessandra Ambrosio

We’re thankful to Alessandra Ambrosio for having not one, but two babies and still looking like this.

22 Emma Stone

We’re thankful to Emma Stone for being so damn cute and for making The Amazing Spider-Man somewhat entertaining.

21 Natalie Portman

We’re thankful to Natalie Portman for snapping back so quickly from also having a baby and for hanging out looking hot at a Baylor football game.

20 Behati Prinsloo

We’re thankful to Behati Prinsloo for ensuring that the future of bikini and lingerie modeling is in very good hands.

19 Olga Kurylenko

We’re thankful to Olga Kurylenko for landing a role on television so we can finally watch her on a regular basis.

18 Cassie

We’re thankful to Cassie for finally putting out a new album so we get to see her doing smoking hot promotion for it like this.

17 Selena Gomez

We’re thankful to Selena Gomez for no longer making us even more jealous of Justin Bieber’s life.

16 Mila Kunis

We’re thankful to Mila Kunis for being The Sexiest Woman Alive (well, at least one of them, and especially in GIF form).

15 Miranda Kerr

We’re thankful to Miranda Kerr for being the other Sexiest Woman Alive.

14 Xenia Deli

We’re thankful to Xenia Deli for helping us become more familiar with the South African version of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

13 Bar Refaeli

We’re thankful to Bar Refaeli for coming out with her own line of underwear and for promoting it so damn well.

12 Sarah Shahi

We’re thankful to Sarah Shahi for being on television at least for a little while and also for having a few pops before appearing on the The Late Late Show.

11 Berenice Marlohe

We’re thankful to Berenice Marlohe for being the sexiest Bond Girl since, well, just about ever, and for doing more sexy promotion for the film than any Bond Girl in history.

Honorable Mention: Katie Nolan

We’re thankful to Katie Nolan for always killing it in her daily Guyism Speed Round.

10 Sofia Vergara

We’re thankful to Sofia Vergara for being on network television on a weekly basis and for looking so damn good in GIF form.

9 Erin Heatherton

We’re thankful to Erin Heatherton for no longer dating Leonardo DiCaprio (oh, and for all those great lingerie pics and videos).

8 Candice Swanepoel

We’re thankful to Candice Swanepoel (who we don’t believe has dated Leonardo DiCaprio, yet) for continuing to be one of the most prolific lingerie and bikini models on the planet.

7 Arianny Celeste

We’re thankful to Arianny Celeste for continuing to be the best thing about the UFC.

6 Yvonne Strahovski

We’re thankful to Yvonne Strahovski for posing damn near naked for SoBe this year and then going on a date with someone from Guyism.

5 Sara Jean Underwood

We’re thankful to Sara Jean Underwood for continuing to do sexy cosplay and for perhaps the greatest video we’ve seen this entire year.

4 Brittney Palmer

We’re thankful to Brittney Palmer for being so hot and for sharing that fact so often that we amazingly now question whether or not Arianny Celeste is in fact the sexiest ring girl on the planet.

3 Jaclyn Swedberg

We’re thankful to Jaclyn Swedberg for consistently being at or near the top of the Guyism 100 by being the best Playmate of the Year since, well, Hope Dworaczyk (and for having one of the best Instagram accounts on the Web).

2 Alexa Vega

Alexa Vega thankful

Alexa Vega, <a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a>

We’re thankful to Alexa Vega for being one of the few child stars to grow up to be a smoking hot adult (and for sharing that fact consistently on her Instagram account).

Photo credit: Alexa Vega, Instagram

1 Kate Upton

We’re thankful to Kate Upton for… oh, like anyone else would be number one on this list in 2012.

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