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Wardrobe Malfunctions: 30 hilarious celebrity fails

By / 12.14.13
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Wardrobe malfunctions are the classic "oops" moment for celebrities. Some laugh it off, tweet out their mishap like Sofia Vergara. Others hide in shame and blame perverted paparazzi like Anne Hathaway. Take a look at this Guyism list of the 30 most hilarious celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.

(Images are safe for work. Nothing you wouldn't see at a Vegas poolside.)

One of life's greatest mysteries---why would Katy Perry stuff her bra when her ample cleavage has produced this, this and this and I'm done here forever.



True story: Coco spends half her day yelling at Ice-T and the other half picking out wedgies.

WhoSay/Sofia Vergara

WhoSay/Sofia Vergara

The lovely, bootylicious Sofia Vergara was having a grand ol' time at the 2012 Emmy Awards when BAM, her dress busted wide open revealing her thong. /and faints

Miranda Kerr's boob slippage was responsible for the conception of my future child. She has an open offer as the baby's Godmother---and nanny. Moreso the latter if she's interested.

Who doesn't like some boob with their morning coffee? During a performance on GMA in 2011, Nicki Minaj's nipple wanted to come out and play. The FCC was not amused.

The Anne Hathaway wardrobe malfunction was such a big deal that she had to address it on the Today show. Because talking about your hoohah with Matt Lauer is a serious matter.

Everybody was up in arms thinking Venus Williams went panty-less during the French Open. Turns out she just has really cool style you guys!

WHAT. IS. THAT? Like, seriously, what are we looking at?

Pamela Anderson brought out the big guns for an appearance on Ellen. The producers waited until taping to inform her that gigantic mammaries were not suitable for nationally televised shows. But Baywatch was ok because lifeguards and boobs go together like peanut butter and jelly said one smart TV exec.

Let's get something straight here. It's not a wardrobe malfunction when you have a raunchy sex tape in which there are multiple anal sex closeups and no I didn't watch it.

Taylor Swift will never, ever, ever wear this dress again after a breeze lifted it, revealing some spanx or panties or something I've never seen before that might be cool.

Which inevitably led to another movie role Katherine Heigl didn't deserve.

The uber-conservative Fox News brought on Khloe Kardashian. Her nipple came out. This was the worst thing to ever happen on television since Keeping up with the Kardashians premiered.

This was Deena impersonating her Jersey Shore buddy Snooki. Side note: Jersey Shore ruined America. Side note: This pic ruined me.

Remember when people were like, "oh my god, I saw Lady Gaga's micro penis on stage." Yea, I looked at the pic. My life hasn't been the same.

FACT: This is officially the poor man's sex tape. The "I'm trying to be relevant but not I'm not going to show you but sorta look at my boobs." Just wait until she hits rock bottom folks.

A part of me feels weird seeing Hermione Granger's pastied nipple and part of me screams "EXPERILLAMUS" upon climax. Those two things might be related.

Britney Spears spent an entire decade adjusting her dress and flashing paparazzi. It was only recently that she moved on to flashing her son's friends at soccer games.

Nope, she planned this. Nobody leaves the house exposing their vagina to a swift breeze. You hear me vagina! Find a hat or something!

Eva Longoria is a walking wardrobe mishap. She admits to not wearing panties which, uh, (shifts in his chair) and dear God, I need some alone time.

This isn't a wardrobe malfunction. This is a 20-something with too many cocktails in her showing a botched boob job to the masses.

That's not a butt, that's two pigs tanning on the beach under a towel.

"Janet Jackson's boob pastie began the decline of Western Civilization." ~Bob Costas, probably

Perhaps you should talk to Venus Williams about some flesh colored panties.

The queen diva had some babies, plumped out a little and attempts to fit into the same clothes she did in the 90s. The result was yet another wardrobe malfunction on GMA.

Jealous Justin Bieber?

Twitter/Kim Kardashian

Twitter/Kim Kardashian

Kris Jenner set this up. I know she did. She's a terrible human being who exploits Kim's rotund ass for personal gain.

We'll let Maria describe this one for you. "You know you're in a crazy reality when you get wind that there are photos of you out there and you're actually praying, "Please let it be nipple. Please let it be nipple. My bathing suit had shifted, tThe tide smashed me and I'm walking out like smiling." Everyone else was smiling too Maria---I think.

Paris Hilton's Garden Party Panties Upskirt

Paris Hilton is poor and can't afford underwear. That's her explanation and she's sticking with it.



Jennifer Lawrence was at the peak of her popularity at the 2013 SAG Awards when her dress inexplicably came apart causing her to tumble on some steps. She recovered and she's still adorable and don't you dare say anything bad about her.

(Previously published on June 20, 2013.)

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