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Female celebrities dancing in GIF – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

By / 12.11.12


In today’s Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology we highlight the very best and worst of our favorite female celebrities dancing. In many cases there’s a huge library of GIFs already prepared for these ladies so make sure to click through.

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50 Kate Upton

Who better to lead off celebrities dancing than Kate Upton—the owner of the greatest Cat Daddy ever performed.

49 Julie Bowen

GIF of the year? GIF of the year.

48 Emma Watson

47 Kelly Ripa

Nobody, and I mean nobody dances quite as awkwardly as Kelly Ripa.

46 Olivia Munn

The Olivia Munn GIF anthology was one of our finest works.

45 Shakira

And now she’s pregnant (wipes tear away).

44 Julianne Hough

43 Christina Aguilera

There was a time when Christina Aguilera actually looked like this, though, we do prefer her with a little meat on her bones.

42 Giada

41 Rihanna

40 Jennifer Lopez

39 Kate Beckinsale

Sexiest Dougie ever?

38 Alison Brie

Perhaps the most GIFable of all TV actresses.

37 Melanie Iglesias

36 Maria Menounos

35 Brooke Burke

Who is that man and why is he so lucky?

34 Salma Hayek

The Salma Hayek GIF Anthology features many more moments of her dancing.

33 Kathie Lee

Pretty sure she’s drunk.

32 Beyonce

31 Jessica Biel

30 Britney Spears

Congratulations are in order for Britney Spears who has now gone a full year without a meltdown.

29 Katie Nolan

Do you know about internet celebrity Katie Nolan? Check her out in the daily Guyism Speed Round.

28 Emma Stone

27 Kristen Bell

26 Random internet celebrity

25 Jennifer Lawrence

24 Demi Moore

23 Hayden Panettiere

This is a close second to Hayden’s recent GIFable moment on Nashville.

22 Vanessa Hudgens

21 Mila Kunis

Yet another lovely celebrity we captured in a GIF Anthology.

20 Sarah Shahi

If you didn’t see Sarah Shahi’s recent interview with Craig Ferguson, I highly suggest checking it out.

19 Saved by the bell chicks

Here’s the entirety of Saved by the Bell explained in 50 GIFs.

18 Maria Sharapova

True story: I met Maria Sharapova this summer at the ESPYs and I’m pretty sure she has a crush on me.

17 Selena Gomez

16 Katy Perry

15 Natalie Morales

Sadly, this awkward dance move led to Today dropping to second in the ratings.

14 Taylor Swift

13 Nicole Scherzinger

12 Heidi Watney

11 Jenna Bush

After this GIF, we started calling Jenna Bush, “Jenna the Giant.”

10 Alex Morgan

Probably our favorite female athlete, Alex Morgan.

9 Minka Kelly

Not sure this qualifies as dancing but what the hell.

8 Serena Williams

And to think, some called this Crip Walk racist.

7 Victoria Secret’s models

6 Sarah Silverman

5 Carrie Underwood

4 Nicki Minaj

3 Gerri Halliwell

From the Spice Girls reunion this past summer in London. Check out some other great moments from the Olympics.

2 Caroline Wozniacki

This was not her Serena Williams impression…this was however.

1 Arya Stark

Best moves from any celeb in 2012.

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