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The Top Five Beer Festivals


Beer festivals are like pizza; even if they’re not great, they’re still great.


Drake Debuts a New Hit-Boy Produced-Song Called ‘Trophies’ in Brookyln


<p>Mr. Aubrey Graham continued his stellar ‘Would You Like A Tour?’ in Brooklyn after the release of his junior album <em>Nothing Was The Same</em>.  In the midst of the show, Drake’s DJ, Future the Prince (not to be confused with Future the rapper/singer/new friend?) debuted an unreleased track produced by HS87’s top notch rapper/producer Hit-Boy. The unreleased tune, “Trophies,” was first seen in an early album trailer for <em>NWTS</em>. Listen to the tune above and tell us if you think this should have been included on the album too</p>

The Main Character Types of the Women You’ll Encounter When Trying To Get Laid

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One of the first things I do when I start talking to a new woman is to judge her immediate character type. Pooling Together All Your Favorite Music


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Extremely Hot College Girl Asks Guys For Their Phone Number In Front of Their Girlfriends


<p>I don't know Andrea's last name or if Andrea is even her first name, but she is PHENOMENAL to look at. Swoon City and Stevie Chay is the Mayor. <br />  </p>


What If You Stopped Sleeping?


<p>John Travolta <a href="" target="_blank">tried this once</a>, things did not end favorably for him. </p>

Here is Miley Cyrus and Her Nipple Pasties Performing at iHeartRadio 2013


<p>I think all that has ever needed to be said has already been said on this topic. Still would like to fuck her, though. </p>

runway models

The Ultimate Runway Model Fails Compilation


<p>You probably don't need a break from football, but if you do, watching this runway model fail compilation is definitely one way to spend that time off. </p>


19 Bizarre Facts About Playboy


<p>Like Playboy? Yeah, us too. The video below may not make you like them more, but it can help you out when you play Playboy trivia night. If such a thing exists.</p>

Redskins Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan Goes Undercover, Something Resembling Hilarity Ensues


<p>Tucker Max, for better or worse, has killed that phrase, hasn't he? Anyway, good work from Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan in this video. Seminal moment of his football career. </p>


25 Most Iconic Athletes In The History Of Sports


<p>Look at the flow on The Great One in that photo. How he fell outside the top 5 with a mane like that is ludicrous. </p>