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Beer festivals are like pizza; even if they’re not great, they’re still great. But that said, some are better than […]
Mr. Aubrey Graham continued his stellar ‘Would You Like A Tour?’ in Brooklyn after the release of his junior album Nothing Was The Same.  In
One of the first things I do when I start talking to a new woman is to judge her immediate […]
"Everything is happening all the time" is the theme of the greatest new app for music. is the easiest way possible to keep track
I don't know Andrea's last name or if Andrea is even her first name, but she is PHENOMENAL to look at. Swoon City and Stevie Chay is
John Travolta tried this once, things did not end favorably for him. 
I think all that has ever needed to be said has already been said on this topic. Still would like to fuck her, though. 
You probably don't need a break from football, but if you do, watching this runway model fail compilation is definitely one way to spend that
Like Playboy? Yeah, us too. The video below may not make you like them more, but it can help you out when you play Playboy
Tucker Max, for better or worse, has killed that phrase, hasn't he? Anyway, good work from Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan in this video. Seminal moment of
Look at the flow on The Great One in that photo. How he fell outside the top 5 with a mane like that is ludicrous. 
Here's a lifehack that allows you to hack up some boards. 
The three headed mainstream meets EDM monster Krewella has been tearing things up this year: a label with major label Columbia Records, two huge radio
During his press tour for Runner Runner Justin Timberlake sat down with the very hot Sabrina Sato and mid-interview (4:30mark) she presented him with a gift.
It's like a teacup poodle thinking he is actually a pitbull. What I'm saying is: it's adorable. It's an adorable little man getting tossed around by someone
Is there a stronger, more intense bromance in pop-culture right now? Me thinks there is not. 
Gym Buddies: You can't lift with them, you can't lift without them. Or can you? 
I never knew breakaway bottles were a thing... Who know? And I was worried when I saw that Tatro was throwing his hat into the
Unless everyone you ever make a bet with has also seen this video. In that case these would be 10 Bets That Make You Look
Perfectly good, LSU football field beer pong table DESTROYED. 
​Although a few months ago I wrote a short eBook about texting which I gave out on myFacebook page, I […]
Now don’t forget that we got the chance to sit down and talk with up & coming Bro superstar DJ Michael Brun as he preps
These Mental Floss videos make for a captivating few minutes of my day. They are practically the only form of learning I experience these days.
It's been an awesome ride so far for Hatian producer, Michael Brun. His slew of original releases and remixes have placed him at the top
You guys... Who gives a sh*t about twerking?! Our favorite surfer girl, Anastasia Ashley -- who came by our office to hang out a couple
Wow have we missed Alana Blanchard. She's truly one of the 8th Wonders of the World and her Instagram bikini pics are evidence why. Just no
I don't think there is the hotter girl on planet earth right now. Prettier? Maybe. But hot? No way. Not for my money, which I'd
I get a LOT of questions on the emails, recently, A LOT more than I can handle but there is […]
Not exactly going out on a limb here, but this RoboCop reboot going to flop. Like a fish out of water, it's going to flop
Nothing against that volcano above, but cumming red seems painful. Reminds me of half the times I visited the health center in college. "It stings,
Of course you do! Who wouldn't?!?!?! All hail Lucy Pinder, Queen of British Mammeries. Props to Guyism for the find: 
What a babe. This chick might be the most perfect 10 I've ever seen in my life. TomorrowWorld 2013 is going to be absolutely ridiculous. 
Before you can even delve into this topic, you have to ask the question, what is EDM? Technically it's classified as "electronic dance music", but
Bros being Bros. Fucking chicks and feeling zero shame for doing so. 
Not only does Dom answer your fitness questions, he also teaches you how to make the ultimate protein shake using common household products.
Sorry, Mets fans. I know it's been a rough go as of late. I feel bad being all like, "LOL Mets" considering what you've been
Former porn star-turned-blogger Jennifer Ketcham -- stage name Penny Flame, who was on VH1’s Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House with Dr. Drew
I’ve been doing a lot of day-game recently, simply because I wanted a change from the whole night thing I […]
New Jersey's Action Park has been closed for 20 years. Yet, it is still recognized as the world's most dangerous amusement park. That photo above-