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The Top Five Beer Festivals


Beer festivals are like pizza; even if they’re not great, they’re still great.

The Main Character Types of the Women You’ll Encounter When Trying To Get Laid

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One of the first things I do when I start talking to a new woman is to judge her immediate character type.

Seeth.is: Pooling Together All Your Favorite Music


"Everything is happening all the time" is the theme of the greatest new app for music.


Extremely Hot College Girl Asks Guys For Their Phone Number In Front of Their Girlfriends


I don't know Andrea's last name or if Andrea is even her first name, but she is PHENOMENAL to look at.


What If You Stopped Sleeping?


John Travolta tried this once, things did not end favorably for him.

Here is Miley Cyrus and Her Nipple Pasties Performing at iHeartRadio 2013


I think all that has ever needed to be said has already been said on this topic.

runway models

The Ultimate Runway Model Fails Compilation


You probably don't need a break from football, but if you do, watching this runway model fail compilation is definitely one way to spend that time off.

Redskins Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan Goes Undercover, Something Resembling Hilarity Ensues


Tucker Max, for better or worse, has killed that phrase, hasn't he.


25 Most Iconic Athletes In The History Of Sports


Look at the flow on The Great One in that photo.

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