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Toby Davis is a person who has been alive ever since birth and writes humorous articles on the internet. He has also created a board game, owns a toaster oven, and has kissed at least three girls. Like his Facebook page.
Unless you go to Loser University.
Have you not watched?
Like just, awful.
It's the decade when your body can handle it.
Chesire Cat refers to your childhood.
Because things and stuff.
Summer's biggest debate.
You won't believe the ideas Terrence Malick has.
Be wary of these habits.
Time to go up.
The truth hurts.
Oh, Holllywood. Just stop.
I’ve had the opportunity of living in both a small town and a big city.
Chances are you’ve dated at least a few of these movie character personality types.
The internet is full of articles about things you should do before you turn a certain age.
Ten years ago it was 2004.
Good job to the people that rioted Tuesday night.
I started out trying to comprise a list of different girls that you’ll consider dating in your 20s, and realized they corresponded to the personalities
Write everything down.
Like most of you, I’ve been meeting people my whole life.
Netflix has brought the original (and ridiculous) Power Ranger’s episodes back on instant play, allowing me to create a mighty drinking game to the episodes.
1. Overheard Conversations College Bar: At college bars there’s a lot of talk about exams, that brutally early 9 a.m. […]
The TV show Cops is on more frequently, and on more networks, than any other show. And when you factor in the over 850 episodes to
There’s been a steady rise of reality TV shows in the past few years, and most of them are terrible. Luckily, I’ve created a list
Winter break is that time of the year when you go home and visit your parents, relatives, and friends that never left. It can be a