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About Tasha Reign... Tasha Reign is a dynamic and multi-dimensional star in entertainment, working as an adult performer, director, producer, writer, and entrepreneur. The 5'5" SoCal beauty recently graduated from UCLA with a degree in Gender Studies, assisting her mission to create a better understanding of the adult industry, while speaking out on sexual empowerment and feminism.

11 Ways To Guarantee She Will Go On A Second Date, According To Tasha Reign


Tasha Reign I know I’ve told you, my bros – I date a lot.


5 Things You Can Learn From Porn To Help With Your Own Sex Life, According To Adult Film Star Tasha Reign

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Via Tasha Reign Your sexual awareness, as a whole, should have stemmed from your fabulous sex education system in school – but it didn’t, did it.

post grad life

5 Things To Consider Before You Pick Your Career, According to Tasha Reign


Tasha Reign When your parents or authority figures nag you to pick a career, they may be too focused on jobs that are financially secure, respectable, or sound important.

going down on her

8 Tips For Going Down On A Girl, According To Tasha Reign


Tasha Reign First of all, you all know how much I like to get my cookie eaten.


5 Questions You Should Never Ask When In A Casual Relationship


Tasha Reign There are many articles listing which questions to ask when you’re dating.

traveling abroad

7 Reasons You Need To Pack Up And Travel Abroad While You Still Can

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Over the summer I traveled around Europe immediately after graduating from UCLA.

Tasha Reign

5 Things You Could Do to Have Better, More Intense Sex, According to Tasha Reign


I want to start out by saying I cannot stress the idea of consensual sex enough in this article and in the way we should all live our lives.

What women want

6 Things Chicks Want From Men First Thing In the Morning


The list is composed of what men have done for me, and I want to pass on the positive tips to you.

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