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I want to start out by saying I cannot stress the idea of consensual sex enough in this article and in the way we should
The list is composed of what men have done for me, and I want to pass on the positive tips to you.
We especially want to try #6
It’s no secret I have a decent amount of sex... probably not as much as you imagine, but enough that I can tell you my
Since BroBible started letting me blab on here, I know you Bros know a lot about me, both sexually and how my mind works.
Surprisingly, it's not that shirtless selfie of you flexing.
I have been on a ton of dates… maybe too many.  The other day some asshole athlete I had been […]
In celebration of the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) and the 31st Annual AVN Awards this week, I thought I’d do a “porn convention rundown.” BTW,
For not being a lesbian, I sure do spend a lot of time around vaginas. I interact with women on a very personal basis on
Who better then ME to give advice on two of my favorite things: Gifts and Blow Jobs?! I absolutely adore both things - that is,
Believe it or not... I love sex :)
Men ask me all sorts of questions about how to get “a girl like me” to sleep with them. Even though we will probably never
Investing time and a little cash into making your pad a bit more girl-friendly can go a long way towards landing an amazing girl. I
The suggestions I’m about to give are not going to work on everyone, but they work on me. And you’d be surprised to learn how
Some might call these tips lifehacks. We'll just call them vital.