Off the Grid: 24 Hours in Dublin with the Wild Bunch


Deny it all you want, but deep in the heart of every young man lives a desire to make next Friday night better than the last.

hot girls

25 Photos of Emily Ratajkowski Smoldering in Frederick’s Lingerie


The great Emily Ratajkowski took a break from filming eye-meltingly hot Carls Jr.

irina shayk hot

20 Photos of Irina Shayk Modeling Beach Bunny Swimwear


Yesterday, we featured Chrissy Teigen modeling Beach Bunny swimwear, and it was awesome.


The Ultimate Tribute to Movie Strippers


A few weeks ago we ranked the 20 best fictional strippers.

Jessica Cediel

Beach Babe Jessica Cediel Makes It Clear That Spring Break Can’t Come Soon Enough


Not that many a spring breaker will look as stunning as this Colombian bombshell, but.

Spring Breakers

The Uncensored International ‘Spring Breakers’ Trailer Is Even Hotter


I guess they thought everyone in the United States couldn't handle Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson having a threesome with James Franco in a swimming pool.


Jennifer Lawrence Did Shots of Tequila and Then Went on Jimmy Kimmel to Talk About Her Boobs


As if she wasn't already your dream Hollywood starlet, Jennifer Lawrence just shot to the very top of our "A-listers we want to get hammered with.

Nina Agdal commercial

Here’s Nina Agdal Smoldering in a Behind of the Scenes Video of Her Super Bowl Carl’s Jr. Ad


Odds are good that Nina Agdal will become a household name (if she isn't already) this Monday after her Super Bowl Carl's Jr.

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