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About Steve Coulter... Steve Coulter is a freelance write for BroBible. He compulsively spends entire paychecks to travel and see live sports, which only hemorrhages more money from his depleted bank account. In his down time, he watches too much TV and contemplates everything that's wrong with the world.
2015 super bowl

The Official 2015 Super Bowl Commercials Drinking Game


Advertising is more than just a platform for connecting us to the products we want — it’s the medium that makes the earth rotate once a day.


10 Movie Time Travelers We’d Select If We Were Going Back in Time

Promoted by Hot Tub Time Machine

One of these days — and I don’t know how soon but I’d be willing to wager it's by the year 2050 — someone will discover a breakthrough in the concept of time travel.

Real World

8 Things From Your College Apartment That You Shouldn’t Keep After You Graduate


The end of college is approaching faster than you could have ever predicted, catapulting you do the unthinkable —take inventory of all the useless belongings you’ve collected over the last four years.


The 10 Most Useless Characters In Movie History

By | 4 Comments

Even the best movies can have moments that are uninspired and aggravating.

post grad life

8 Miserable Interactions Everyone Hates To Have In The Office 


The work place is a jungle and in order to survive it you have to come prepared with a very specific set of skills – not quite the arsenal that Liam Neeson possesses in the Taken trilogy, but something along those lines.

drinking games

The Official NFL Wild Card Weekend Drinking Game


It’s a new year and the NFL playoffs are here which means we have only a month of football left before our favorite game goes into hibernation for the next several months.


The 12 Rules Of Betting On The NFL Playoffs


Most people prefer Christmas to all other holidays but for me the unequivocal best holiday is the month-long joyride, commonly known as the NFL playoff that happens right after the holiday season every January.

gift guides

10 Perfect Holiday Gifts For Every Bro In Your Life


Oh brother, there’s less than 10 days before Christmas and you have a long list of names that you haven’t gotten gifts for yet.


5 Friendliest Rivalries In Sports


A competition between friends doesn’t sound like it would produce a high-quality script about rivalries — I mean, who hasn’t battled their buddy here and there over the years.


10 Best Movie Scenes Around The Dinner Table, Because Thanksgiving


It’s that time of the year again where we’re preparing to feast on some turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie, and whatever else is being shoved in front of our faces.

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