Stefanie Williams
About Stefanie Williams... “Stefanie Williams is a proud University of Maryland alumna, even though they probably pretend she never went there. She bartends and lives in NYC, but when she meets important people, she informs them she is a writer who is represented by UTA. Eventually she’d like to win an Emmy and thank all the athletes who ever dicked her over for being assholes and inspiring her to write funny shit.

The 9 Dumbest Questions You Can Ask In a Restaurant


When you work in a restaurant, particularly one in midtown full of lawyers, finance people and marketing professionals - people who seemingly make the world go round - you hear some of the dumbest questions one could possible ask.

nice girls

Five Reasons Every Guy Should Pick the Nice Girl


You know that saying “nice guys finish last”.

web series

Finally, a Web Series That the Bartenders, Waiters, and Waitresses of the World Can Relate To


Everyone always hopes to live a life worth writing about, worth filming, worth sharing with an audience.


10 Customers Every New York City Bartender Encounters (And Probably Hates)


So apparently, the last article I wrote about bartending stirred a little discussion across the interwebs.

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