Span Bennett
About Span Bennett... Span (aka Mightyspan on Facebook and Twitter) was raised in a Detroit neighborhood while attending private, predominantly White, schools. The perspective this has lent him, along with his dazzling charisma and sense of humor, provides a look into the mind of a racial provocateur...or so says this bio that he just wrote.

9 Things Men Absolutely Need In A Relationship


Sex for sex’s sake is fun and everything, but eventually everyone needs love.


11 Times Chicks’ Boobs Got Cops In Deep Shit


Blessed be the titty for it is by her flesh that we are nourished.


These 7 Companies Are Most Likely To Be The First To Make Porn A 3-D Experience


We invented the camera so we could take pictures of nekkid ladies.


10 Christmas Traditions You Should Chill-The-Fuck-Out On

By | 2 Comments

Christmas may be the most wondrous time of the year, but 80% of it is bullshit.

weird crimes

6 Times Chicks Broke The Law Using Breast Milk


Breast milk, for most of us, is the first food to sustain us once we entered this mortal coil.

badass party of one

7 Reasons Why Kenny G (Yes, THAT Kenny G) Is A Total Fucking Badass


One week ago, if you’d tried to convince me that Kenny G was in any way a badass I would have smothered my hands in baby powder and slapped you like a Russian mobster.

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