Span Bennett
About Span Bennett... Span (aka Mightyspan on Facebook and Twitter) was raised in a Detroit neighborhood while attending private, predominantly White, schools. The perspective this has lent him, along with his dazzling charisma and sense of humor, provides a look into the mind of a racial provocateur...or so says this bio that he just wrote.
Strip clubs

Here Are 10 Strip Clubs That Even Your Girlfriend Will Love…Probably


You imagine the conversation with your girl to go like this: You: I’m goin’ out with the fellas.

crazy stories

These 6 People All Woke Up From A Coma Speaking A Foreign Language


YouTube Did you know that people waking up from a coma speaking a foreign language is an actual ‘thing.

stupid criminals

These 9 Burglars Got Caught Masturbating Mid-Burgle


The ‘what the fuck’-ery on this fucking piece is astounding.


Meet The 7 Dogs That Accidentally Shot Their Owners


I suppose I should make some ‘man’s best friend’ not really being ‘man’s best friend’ when they shoot their owners, but fuck that.


7 Things You Should Never Do While Partying On New Year’s Eve


Every year millions of people smash billions of ounces of alcohol in the hopes of making memories they won’t remember.


9 Things Men Absolutely Need In A Relationship


Sex for sex’s sake is fun and everything, but eventually everyone needs love.


11 Times Chicks’ Boobs Got Cops In Deep Shit


Blessed be the titty for it is by her flesh that we are nourished.


These 7 Companies Are Most Likely To Be The First To Make Porn A 3-D Experience


We invented the camera so we could take pictures of nekkid ladies.

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