Span Bennett
About Span Bennett... Span (aka Mightyspan on Facebook and Twitter) was raised in a Detroit neighborhood while attending private, predominantly White, schools. The perspective this has lent him, along with his dazzling charisma and sense of humor, provides a look into the mind of a racial provocateur...or so says this bio that he just wrote.

9 Must-Follow Rules For Bros When Taking A Selfie


You, bro, should not be posting selfies to social media.

picking up chicks

12 Reasons Why ‘Baby Got Back’ Is Still The Ultimate Courtship Song


In 1992 a rapper calling himself Sir Mix-A-Lot made a song about asses.


5 Ways Venezuelan Women Are Risking Their Lives To Get Fake Boobs


Shutterstock Take the superficial vanity of Hollywood and transport it thousands of miles south and you’ll come to understand the Venezuelan standard of beauty.


13 Guy Movies That Women Will Never Understand Why We Like Them


Remember that time you saw ‘The Notebook’ and wondered *SPOILERS AHEAD* why, oh why, the fuck, would this guy deal with all this bullshit to get a girlfriend.

video games

7 Things Microsoft Will Probably Do To Minecraft After Buying Mojang


Let me be clear, I have no idea what Microsoft’s exact plans for Mojang’s Minecraft are besides paying a sheedload of money for it.


7 University Employees That Can Actually Aid Your Sex Life in College


I have personally utilized every single one of these opportunities.

prank videos

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Watching ‘In the Hood’ Prank Videos


YouTube is a big opportunity for the enterprising youngster with an idea and the free time to execute it.

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