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About Douglas Charles... Douglas Charles is the co-founder and managing editor of His experience includes operating an assortment sports and entertainment Web sites over the past decade, but his specialty is discovering sexy women from all over the world that he knows he will never have a chance with, let alone meet - a quality he shares with 99.99% of his readers.

Another Dumbass Kid Got Stuck In A Vending Machine (Video)


Colin Lambert, 18 months-old, is the latest child prodigy to join the club of kids who have gotten themselves stuck inside of one of those claw vending machines.


Sexy Blonde Stella Maxwell Is Victoria’s Secret’s Latest Modeling Find


I don't know much about Stella Maxwell other than she's 23 or 24 years-old and much like Barbara Palvin before her Victoria's Secret is wasting no time getting her into the mix modeling their always amazing line of lingerie.

tattoo fails

5 Things NOT To Do When Getting A Sports Tattoo


When you really love something, you want the whole world to know.

google glass addiction

Conan O’Brien Came Up With A Guaranteed Cure For Google Glass Addiction


Apparently Google Glass addiction is like a real thing (at least CNN thinks so and they're never off on a story), so when Conan O'Brien caught wind of this new psychological ailment he did what any good talk show host would do: he came up with a cure.

sky high port a potty

How Much Money Would It Take For You To Use The World’s Most Dangerous Port-A-Potty?


So what would it take for you to pop a squat in this port-a-potty sitting precariously on a giant crane a couple hundred feet above the ground.


Jenny McCarthy Says Donnie Wahlberg’s ‘Beautiful Penis’ Fits Her Vagina Perfectly And Other Crazy Shit


Jenny McCarthy, who we already know is pretty much batshit crazy when it comes to sex (and other things), ramped things up a notch during her appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live when she started talking about sex, her husband Donnie Wahlberg's penis, and penises in general.

nina dobrev

Dayum! Nina Dobrev Has Got One HELL Of A Bikini Body On Her


I don't watch The Vampire Diaries (for obvious reasons) so I had no idea that during last week's episode Nina Dobrev (the ultimate bro girlfriend) stripped down to her bikini and got soaking wet swimming in some kind of lake or pond.

miss bumbum brazil

Miss Bumbum Contestant Indianara Carvalho Posed Topless At The Eiffel Tower


Miss Bumbum Brazil contestant Indianara Carvalho caught the attention of police the other day when she visited the Eiffel Tower and started taking off her clothes.


This Photo Of Megan Fox And James Franco Is Just Fucking Weird


So I saw this photo last night of Megan Fox in a bloody dress sitting next to a totally creepy perved-out-looking bald James Franco on Instagram and it took me until now to realize that I am probably never going to know the context of it.

justin bieber

Justin Bieber Got In Trouble For Kicking A Soccer Ball Around The Vatican


Justin Bieber recently visited Rome with his dad and because God apparently doesn't think he's a douchebag he somehow scored a private after-hours tour of Vatican City.

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