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About Douglas Charles... Douglas Charles is the co-founder and managing editor of His experience includes operating an assortment sports and entertainment Web sites over the past decade, but his specialty is discovering sexy women from all over the world that he knows he will never have a chance with, let alone meet - a quality he shares with 99.99% of his readers.
one to watch

Sexy Model (And Cal State-Fullerton Grad) Katelynn Ansari Is A Woman You Need To Know


On Friday we introduced you to Iryna Ivanova as a part of our "One to Watch" series and since you seemed to like her very much I thought we'd double down today with another lovely lady who was brought to our attention by our buds over at Rukus magazine (the folks who brought us Eva Marie before she was a WWE Diva).


Apple Had To Make a Special U2 Removal Tool Because Everyone Hates U2


So have you seen the ads where Apple is all excited that they're giving away a free U2 album to anyone using iTunes.

why dogs rule

Great Dane Wags Her Tail In Perfect Rhythm To ‘Happy And We Know It’


Great Dane Abbey Doo knows the song "Happy And We Know It" so well that she even keeps the beat at the appropriate points in the song with her tail.


Nicki Minaj Takes The Focus Off Her Butt With A Sweet Display Of Underboob


On Friday photos of Nicki Minaj sporting either butt implants or a butt pad of some kind made the rounds on the Internet so to distract all of us from that unseemly little bit of trickery Nicki decided to go big in the underboob department after performing with Beyonce during her "On the Run" Tour over the weekend.

blake griffin gifs

Blake Griffin Reciting Slam Poetry Results In A Series Of Hilarious GIFs


Blake Griffin is without a doubt one of the funniest players in the NBA.

jess greenberg

Jess Greenberg And Her Tiny Black Tank Top Cover Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’


If you aren't familiar with Jess Greenberg and her *ahem* tiny tank tops and cover songs then you must not spend much time around here.

chris brown and ariana grande

Ariana Grande Plays A Sexy Fairy Tale Princess In Chris Brown’s New Music Video


Ariana Grande, who likes to sleep in the nude - not relevant, yet still important - teamed up with Chris Brown (he of the solid advice on domestic violence, no really) for a new single called "Don’t Be Gone Too Long" in which Brown also was the director.

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Implies She Handled Whitney Houston’s Dead Body; Coroner Calls Bullshit


Lindsay Lohan and the truth have long been at odds with one another, but this latest report in which it seems like Lindsay Lohan implied that she handled Whitney Houston's dead body while performing community service at the Los Angeles County Deptartment of Coroner might be her pièce de résistance.

bianca bree van damme

JCVD’s Smoking Hot Daughter Bianca Bree Van Damme Made A SEXY New Bikini Video


This is now the second super sexy video we've seen from Jean Claude Van Damme's sexy daughter Bianca Bree Van Damme in the past month and the arrow on her becoming one of our favorite women in the world is most definitely now pointing up.

hunger games mockingjay

The New ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ Trailer – ‘The Mockingjay Lives’


Finally, after teasers and previews of the actual trailer we finally have the real thing: a new trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay called "The Mockingjay Lives.

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