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About Douglas Charles... Douglas Charles is the co-founder and managing editor of His experience includes operating an assortment sports and entertainment Web sites over the past decade, but his specialty is discovering sexy women from all over the world that he knows he will never have a chance with, let alone meet - a quality he shares with 99.99% of his readers.
nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj Once Again Tested The Limits Of Her Bra In New MTV EMA Promo Photos


Nicki Minaj is hosting the 2014 MTV EMA, which stands for, hold on, the MTV.

favorite women

Your 30 Favorite Women For The Month Of September


As we used to do every month over on Guyism and now continue the tradition here on BroBible, today we take time to review our readers' favorite women for the most recently completed month of the calendar.


9 Football Celebrations That Went Horribly, Horribly Wrong


Some football celebrations are instant classics which will forever be remembered as great moments in sports.


Introducing The Pre-Bent iPhone 6 Case: The Perfect Gift For Your Apple-Loving Friend


Despite what Consumer Reports says, many people are experiencing a bit of trouble with their iPhone 6 bending more than it's supposed to bend.


The Most Fantastic Faceplant Compilation Video You’ll See All Week


You know what's almost as funny as seeing someone get hit in the nuts (aka the absolute height of comedy).

awkward photos

Selena Gomez And Miranda Kerr Posed For The Most Awkward Photos Of The Year


Remember when Orlando Bloom tried to put his fist through the face of Justin Bieber awhile back, allegedly because Bieber said, "she was good" to Bloom about his ex-wife Miranda Kerr resulting in one hilarious and fascinating story after another.


Amber Rose Allegedly Busted Wiz Khalifa In The Middle Of A Threesome… With Twins


Just when we were all getting over the shock of Amber Rose filing for divorce from Wiz Khalifa comes another bombshell.

taylor swift

Taylor Swift’s New ‘Vogue’ Cover Shows Girl Is Just Getting Hotter And Hotter


This new cover of Vogue featuring Taylor Swift shows that our Tay is turning into one of those lucky people who just get better and better looking with age.

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes Reportedly Kicked Out Of Fashion School; Her ‘Secret Twitter Account’ Responds


According to a new report, Amanda Bynes was not only pegged for a DUI the other day she also was allegedly kicked out of her fashion school for some other VERY naughty behavior.

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