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jim irsay

Jim Irsay Looks Like a Zombie Walker In New Video Of His DUI Arrest


  Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay recently served a six-week suspension from the NFL in the aftermath of a March arrest for driving while intoxicated.

skip bayless

Professional Troll Skip Bayless Completely Unimpressed By Aaron Rodgers’ Game-Winning Drive


First Take is still on ESPN because, hey, what else are hospital television sets supposed to air when the remote is hopelessly loss.


Radamel Falcao Taught His Parrot To Go Crazy When He Scores A Goal


Manchester United forward Radamel Falcao took time out of his busy life to teach his pet parrot, Coco, to celebrate every time he scores.


Purdue’s Helmet Game Is Very, Very Strong


Purdue, the Midwestern engineering school that brought you the selfie helmet, is up to their old headgear tricks yet again.

college football

Alabama Fan Gets Destroyed By Security After Throwing A Drink In Frustration


Loading Oxford PD - 1 Alabama Fan - 0 This guy had been throwing things at fans leaving the field.


Here’s a Giant Anaconda To Haunt Your Dreams Forever


This video purports to show the biggest yellow anaconda ever captured on film.

fox news

‘Fox & Friends’ On The Real Lesson From The Ray Rice Assault: Take The Stairs!


Fox & Friends handled the Ray Rice situation today with amazing tact.


People are Not Happy With a Selfie-Snapping Turkish Suicide Negotiator (Probably Because the Guy Jumped)


Clearly looking to steal the thunder from the now-famous Selfies at a Funerals website, one enterprising Turkish police officer accidentally spawned the idea for Selfies Before a Funeral.

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