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Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended two games for this incident with his wife. The relatively small punishment, […]
Kind of tough to watch.
Those seams feel good against the skin.
Rough night.
Lip locking.
A spilled drink?
You sandbaggin' son of a ...
Interesting choice.
You don't sell the soccer, you sell the sizzle.
Nice kicks.
Short but not that sweet.
Very exciting.
It's going down.
Very professional.
Interesting turn of events.
Some things to consider.
People are still talking about what Richard Sherman's postgame interview MEANS FOR AMERICA AND THE FUTURE. Seriously. But the two primaries from the Story of
Hugging is dangerous. Let's ban hugging. 
Dennis Rodman sang "Happy Birthday" to his BFF and chronic basic human rights abuser Kim Jong Un today. Thankfully, he resisted the urge to go
Michigan State offensive lineman Travis Jackson is an evangelistic fan of WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan. His habit of recreating Bryan's signature "Yes" dance thrust him onto
Well, this is a fail. 
Ohio State defensive end Noah Spence was suspended three games as a result of testing positive for ecstasy, according to his father.
A young hockey player who must believe in playing to -- and through the whistle -- suffered a fairly embarrassing injury when his cheap shot
The Jacksonville Jaguars did something good, you guys. Savor this moment. 
Look, you already know that parts of the country are dealing with devastatingly brutal conditions. I mean, no shit, it's cold enough to turn Jonah Falcon into a
The BCS went out in style last night as Florida State and Auburn played a thrilling back-and-forth national title game. The Seminoles prevailed thanks to
Look, I don't care what you say ... these two fellas bumping fists gets its own post. One of these two must cuddle with SO
There are few people in this world we appreciate more than Brent Musburger. Dude is an absolute legend. But he would probably like a mulligan
The final BCS Championship game is off to a hot start with Auburn and Florida State trading early blows. The crowd is frenzied and Brent
Auburn and Florida State play for the national title tonight. We will drink. Oh yes, we will drink. 
That is certainly quite an ad, Fox Sports 1. It's a bold choice to have a couple of announcing legends peer deep into a woman's
Are you guys going to let this offense go on unchecked? Isn't it your SEC-bound duty to add a "Fuck" above it or something even
Everyone had a laugh at John Kuhn's unsuccessful Lambeau Leap, but perhaps he knew exactly what he was doing. 
J.R. Smith is an interesting and entertaining athlete, but I can't help but question his sportsmanship after he pulled the old untie-the-shoe trick on Shawn