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USC Baseball Players In Hot Water For Recording Teammate Having Sex


Three current and former members of the USC baseball team are being sued after taping one of the players having sex with a woman and distributing it without her knowledge.

john wall

John Wall Reportedly Kicked Off Flight In Vegas After Someone In His Crew Threatened A Passenger


One of the biggest names in basketball was thrown off a flight in Las Vegas, proving yet again that Sin City gets everyone in the end -- regardless of celebrity.


Victor Oladipo Left An Heartfelt And Inspirational Message At A School For The Deaf


  Victor Oladipo visited the Model Secondary School for the Deaf yesterday and left the students with an inspiring message.

chicago police

Rifle-Toting Chicago Police Officers Posed For A Photo Over A Suspect With Deer Antlers


There are errors in judgement and then there is what two Chicago police officers did.


These Sports Logo Mashups For Every City Are Awesome

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  Sports fans who struggle with which local team to support are about to have all their problems solved, thanks to these great mashups.

cleveland indians

The Cleveland Indians Shaved Their Heads To Support Mike Aviles’ Daughter Who Is Battling Leukemia


  Cleveland Indians players and coaches have shaved their heads to show support for Mike Aviles' daughter, who is battling leukemia.

atlanta hawks

Atlanta Hawks Radio Team Refers To Matthew Dellavedova As ‘Tonya Harding’, Has Entire Offseason To Laugh About It


Cleveland Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova has become the talk of the basketball world by playing his own unique brand of human bowling.

bill cosby

WHOA! Amy Schumer Is Actually Defending Bill Cosby


It's been difficult for Bill Cosby to find a sympathetic friend recently.


Former Saints Star Joe Horn Calls Roger Goodell A Devil Who Will Slash The Throats Of Those Questioning Him


Roger Goodell was only commissioner for two years during Joe Horn's NFL career, but that didn't stop the former wide receiver from delivering a blistering hot take on the man.

reda el fouly

A Busty Egyptian Woman Was Arrested For Making This Sexy Music Video With Her Boyfriend


Reda el-Fouly made a music video with her boyfriend called Sib Eddi.

the pope

Turns Out The Pope Is One Of Those Annoying People Who Brags About How Little Television He Watches


Pope Francis has done his very best to be "Cool Pope" by coming out as progressive on social issues and upsetting the apple cart of BIG RELIGION.

kendall jenner

Here’s Kendall Jenner Getting Fondled By Bella Hadid And Licked By Gigi Hadid


  Friendship is important because life can get challenging at times and it's always good to have someone to lean on.


The Boston Bro Caught Getting Head On A Subway Platform Now Faces Up To 3 Years In Prison


A Boston dude who received a very public blowjob last Friday could find himself paying dearly for the experience.

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