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About Rebecca Martinson... Rebecca Martinson is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland who is notoriously known throughout the Internet for being really, really adequate at writing emails. She joined BroBible right after graduating in the Spring of 2014 and doesn't hate it...yet.

This Bodybuilder Only Has ONE Arm And He’s Still More Fit Than You, So What’s Your Excuse?


There are two types of people in life: those who are born into lucky situations and stay there, and then there are who get dealt a shit hand and then rise above their modest beginnings.

awkward photos

12 Photos That Are So Painfully Awkward You Can Feel It


Have you ever scrolled through your tagged photos from a few years back on Facebook and found the weirdest pictures.

farrah abraham

Human Blowup Doll Farrah Abraham Is Looking To Buy Butt Implants Because Otherwise No One Will Pay Attention To Her


Let’s take a look at a screenshot of the most recent Farrah Abraham posts we’ve done here at BroBible.


Remember The Guy Whose Wife Chopped His Dick Off TWICE For Cheating On Her? He Just Got Offered A Job As A Porn Star


Via Daily Mail We all remember the tale of the Chinese guy named Fan Lung whose wife chopped his dick off twice when she found out he was cheating on her, right.

video games

Meet One Of The Best ‘Tetris’ Players In The World And Find Out What It’s Like To Be A ‘Tetris’ Master

By | 2 Comments

Ever wondered what it's like to be so good at a video game that you get sent to the world championships for it.

oregon state university

Oregon State University Now Has Its Very Own Porn Star Who Filmed Her First Video In The Campus Library

By | 7 Comments

First we had Belle Knox aka the Duke porn star, then we had Mia Khalifa aka the Florida State University porn star, and now we have this unknown woman who filmed a webcam show in an Oregon State University library and then was lucky enough to have the video get uploaded to Pornhub.


Did The Director For The Upcoming ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Reboot Just Leak Who’s On Its All-Female Cast?


Rumors have been flying around about who will be in the Ghostbusters 3 cast reboot for weeks, even months now without any confirmations from any involved parties.


Which Grocery Store Has The Best Rotisserie Chicken?


Rotisserie chicken is the ultimate "Ugh it's 6:00 and I don't feel like cooking but I don't want to eat frozen chicken nuggets again tonight.

taylor swift

Twitter Hackers Are Threatening To Release Nudes Of Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift, to the dismay of what I'm going to assume is at least maybe 10 people (.

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