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Watch This Poor German Shepherd Throw A Fit When She’s Told It’s Time To Stop Swimming


David Covucci is on vacation this week, which means someone else is getting stuck with posting adorable animal videos.

true detective

Colin Farrell Just Confirmed Being Cast In The New Season Of ‘True Detective’


With all the rumors swirling around who the new cast of True Detective will be comprised of, we finally have one actor who's been confirmed: Colin Farrell [The] 38-year-old star said, “I’m doing the second series.


Kid Thought Going To Band Practice Stoned Would Be Okay, The 36 Stitches In His Scrotum Say Otherwise


While being stoned and doing activities like going to the movies or laying at the pool is great, there are certain activities you should NEVER do while stoned.


This Guy Was A Total Douche To A Girl On Tinder, So She Got Revenge By Messaging His Mom On Facebook


There’s something to be said for getting straight to the point and cutting out all the extra bullshit when it comes to Tinder.


It Looks Like Zoolander 2 Is Happening, With Will Ferrell Returning As Mugatu


If you’ve never watched the highly underrated Zoolander, I suggest you either go and watch the whole movie right now (no seriously, right now.

kevin spacey

You Can Buy A Jar Of Kevin Spacey’s Breath Off Of Craigslist If You’re Creepy And Have Money To Burn


Shutterstock You may have thought you read the title to this post wrong, but nope.

jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Wants To Introduce You To The C-String By Asking Random Strangers If They’d Try It On


This is a C-String: No, it’s not meant as underwear, it’s meant as a bathing suit.

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus Might Be Going To Jail For Using A Mexican Flag As Butt Floss


Now before we begin, I think it’s important to introduce you to Miley’s new favorite style accessory: Yes, Miley is now the proud owner of a giant fake flesh-colored butt.

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