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About Rebecca Martinson... Rebecca Martinson is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland who is notoriously known throughout the Internet for being really, really adequate at writing emails. She joined BroBible right after graduating in the Spring of 2014 and doesn't hate it...yet.

This Guy Posted Flyers Around Town Looking For A Girlfriend And Wound Up Having Sex With 118 Women Instead

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Back in July we brought you the story of Dan Perino, a guy who had posted thousands of flyers around New York City in an attempt to find a girlfriend.

old people

Watch This Guy Prank A Company That Scams The Elderly Online By Pretending To Be An Old Couple


While I do understand that elderly people don’t quite have a firm grasp on how computers/the Internet works, I still find it hard to believe in this day and age that people fall for scams like these.


Harvard Students Rip Kid A Giant Gaping Email-Induced Butthole After He Bitched About Them Not Having Enough Parties

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College is the time for partying, bad life decisions and a temporary bout of alcoholism that would make even Amy Winehouse blush.


This Video Of A Giant Snake Getting #Rekt By A Spider Is Just Another Reason Not To Visit Australia


Australia is known for kangaroos, koalas, and a plethora of animals that can and will kill you.


This Tinder Pickup Line Involves Sex With Frozen Hot Dogs And Duh It Worked Because Thirsty Tinder Chicks


On one hand I’m sitting here reading this like “Ew, have some standards will you.

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