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About Rebecca Martinson... Rebecca Martinson is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland who is notoriously known throughout the Internet for being really, really adequate at writing emails. She joined BroBible right after graduating in the Spring of 2014 and doesn't hate it...yet.

Have You Ever Had A Clingy Girlfriend Who Wouldn’t GTFO? This Tinder Profile Perfectly Summarizes That Experience


No one likes it when their friends get wifed up and then proceed to ignore you for the rest of the relationship.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Is A Lost Cause At This Point: She’s Reportedly Back With Justin Bieber, Cue Puking


Whatever Selena, if you wanna take a fat dump on any chance you ever had of future happiness then go ahead, it’s your life not mine.


Either New Scandalous Photos Of Jerry Jones Have Maybe Surfaced Or This Hot Girl Is Just Dry Humping A Corpse


Sports gossip blog Terez Owens has just gotten their hands on some more possibly-maybe-allegedly-don’t-sue-me photos of hot chicks doing sexy time things to what looks like Jerry Jones, although we can’t be sure.


This Woman Has Spent Over $144,000 To Look Like A Caricature And Oh Man It’s Not Good


For reference, here is a dumpster: Now for even more reference, here’s Krystina Butel: // <.


Jeremy Renner Crashed A Wedding And Was Reportedly A Giant Dick To Everyone In Attendance


A photo posted by Michael Gamboa (@mgamboa79) on May 23, 2015 at 6:53pm PDT If we’ve learned anything from watching Wedding Crashers, it’s that the key to successfully crashing a wedding is to either lie your balls off and convincingly fake your way through everything, or to maintain a low profile so no one really even notices you’re there.


Meet The Real-Life Forrest Gump: Barclay Oudersluys Is Running 3,200 Miles, From California To Maine


It’s not every day that you find someone motivated enough to actually get up and pursue the adventure of their dreams.


How To Make Healthy McDonald’s French Fries With Only 5 Ingredients


McDonald’s may be the go-to food for fatties glomping around the earth everywhere, but there’s one thing you can’t knock’em for – their French fries.


This Girl With A 32E Bra Size Claims To Be The New ‘Human Barbie’ And Hasn’t Had ANY Plastic Surgery

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A photo posted by Angelika Kenova (@barbiekenova) on Mar 27, 2015 at 12:01pm PDT   Now when I say that Angelica Kenova hasn’t had ANY plastic surgery, I mean “hasn’t had ANY plastic surgery.

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