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real world problems

The 8 Official Rules Of Office Bathroom Etiquette


I can’t believe I gotta go into all of this, but apparently there are some of you out there that just aren’t getting it.

post grad life

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Monday Morning


Last week, our fine friends out at the Yahoo offices in sunny Sunnyvale, California shared an article entitled “5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Monday Morning.


The 7 Types Of People You’ll See At The Bar On Gameday


  Football season is in full swing and I think I speak for most of us when I say I couldn’t be more thrilled.


7 Things That Basic White Girls Go Nuts Over In The Fall


Fall is officially upon us, you guys.

happy hour

The 5 Types Of Bars You Visit For Happy Hour And What They Say About You


Shutterstock The grind of a corporate workweek is enough to shake even the most hardened of men to their very core.

Cell phones

Looking Back at Every Cell Phone You’ve Ever Owned


It's like looking into a time capsule.

dorm life

5 Ways Dorm Life Is Like Prison Life


I gotta be honest, I’ve never actually been to jail.


The 7 Snapchats You Should Be Getting From Girls This Summer


Admit it, you got Snapchat for one reason and one reason only.

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