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The 5 People You Follow on Instagram


Wait. There are more people on Instagram than just Dan Bilzerian? News to me.


The 5 People You’ll Drink With in College


You can probably spot him at a party breaking a beer can on his head and shot-gunning it.

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The 6 Pros and Cons of Taking Adderall During Finals Week


<p>If you’re currently a college student then feel free to shoot yourself in the foot, because finals are upon us. Unless you’ve already taken yours, in which case, congrats. Now go home and watch <em>Entourage</em> in your basement. Hell, go take some shrooms for all I care. It’s your break, do with it as you please.</p> <p>For the rest of us still taking finals, let’s have a quick review of Finals Week. It consists of cramming, taking blue pills that aren't prescribed to you, and thinking—on a day when you have multiple exams scheduled—“I regret playing Edward 40 Hands last night instead of studying." My advice? Never think that. You should never regret playing Edward 40 Hands.</p> <p>But that’s besides the point. During finals week about 110% of college students pop adderall like they’re fucking Flintstones gummies. And you’re thinking about taking Adderall, or if you just took some and are wasting time on the Internet while waiting for it to kick in, here are some pro’s and cons to taking said magic pill.</p>

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Childish Gambino Wrote a Screenplay for His New Album


<p>Have an hour to kill and looking for things to do? Well you’re in luck, because Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) has written a 72 page screenplay for his new album <em>because the internet</em>. The screenplay is slightly hard to follow, however it does produce amazing visuals throughout. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone, but Gambino casts Rick Ross as his father and Chance the Rapper as one of his friends so take that as you will.</p>


5 Things That Make Social Media the WORST


Ah, social media. It's something we seem to use so frequently yet almost half the time we hate it, or at least the people who use it. Here are my biggest pet peeves: