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FACT: People like blowing up shit.
This New Zealand man doesn't like The Simpsons. HE LOVES THE SIMPSONS!!!
Mama gots to get her love too.
Edward Lee shot his load and then Sadie Bell shot him for having a diminished ejaculate.
In case you were not aware, it’s the annual Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this week. So there’s […]
Floyd Mayweather says he had sex with T.I.'s wife Tiny at press conference.
Woman goes on epic rampage that included assault and her performing a very lewd act.
Here's 2 amazing minutes of little fuckers cursing up a storm.
The horse species thought they had a free ride for all eternity once the automobile was invented and it was […]
Bad News Beers.
This AFL fan immediately regrets leaning out into the field to catch a ball.
Angry Brazilian fans react to their team's poor performance in the World Cup with crazy behavior.
Kate Upton discusses the possibility of her posing nude in Playboy Magazine.
WARNING: For car enthusiasts, the video is extremely graphic and depressing. This gentleman is interested in a Ferrari California, and […]
Michele Cernak couldn't help but to downward facing dog in the nude on a Florida street after shooting up heroin.
Not only did this crazy mother bring her infant baby to a concert pit, but then argued with cops for ten minutes over it.
Terrifying POV video of Verruckt, the world's tallest water slide that's higher than Niagara Falls.
Source makes sweet proclamation that LeBron James has made a decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Insane brawl breaks out in Austin that features body slams, bloodied faces and plenty of the word "Bitch."
Crazed woman attacks man for filming her steal his tent on a beach in Florida.
Super exciting soccer fan attempts to hug USMNT star goalie Tim Howard, but he's not having it.
This unfortunate powderpuff football player gets absolutely destroyed when she catches a football punt with her face.
Meet the beautiful Sara McLean, USMNT hero goalie Tim Howard's hot girlfriend.
Check out this incredible video from an intrepid drone that flew directly into a fireworks display.
Trespassing onto private property, starting up cars and jerking off to them can put a hamper on your political aspirations, just ask Jordan Haskins.
Kid does some ridiculous ninja shit and flies off the wall for crazy knockout kick.
Gruesome video of an England fan going all Suarez and tearing another fan's ear off at a World Cup match.
Yelling "Fuck her right in the pussy" probably is the type of potty-mouth language that the news doesn't appreciate being aired on their broadcast.
Chile might not win the World Cup for their soccer, but they win for their stunning model reporters.
Logan Hutton just made you wish it was football season with this fantastic catch.
I've never seen a child win a fight and the internet all in one extraordinary punch.
Hear the real reason why Luis Suarez went all True Blood on another player straight from his cannibal mouth.