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worst friends ever

Worst Friends Ever Throw Passed Out Drunk Guy Off Second Story Balcony


Here in America when our friends pass out from drinking too much we cheekily draw dicks on their faces, but it seems that Australians take their drunk shenanigans to a whole nother level.

bench press fail

Guy Comes Seconds To Dying In Epic Bench Press Fail


Hey tough guys at home bench pressing way too much weight than you can handle, what's the benefit of lifting all those weights.

lebron coming home

LeBron Comes Back Home In Emotional Beats By Dre Commercial


You may not have heard, but LeBron James went back home to Akron, Ohio when he signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer.

call of duty advanced warefare

Kevin Spacey Shows You Advanced Warfare In Exciting New Call Of Duty Trailer


"What you're seeing here is advance warfare," declares Jonathan Irons who is played by Kevin Spacey in this new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

jason derulo wiggle

Stop Everything You’re Doing And Watch This Turtle Twerk!!!


Take everything you've ever learned about turtles being slow or boring and throw it into the trash because this shelled gangsta is about to change the motherfucking game.

kelly slater 720

42-Year-Old Kelly Slater Does Something That No Other Human Being Has Ever Done On A Surfboard


Strap in kids and get ready for a wild ride with the one and only Kelly Slater.

animals getting high

This Is The All-Time Worst Way Ever To Waste 7 Giant Bags Of Weed Equaling $5,000


We take you to the sleepy town of Merstham in the United Kingdom where a one of the most all-time flagrant waste of marijuana occurred.

honest girlfriends

This ‘If Girlfriends Were Honest When Arguing’ Video Proves What We Already Knew


Honesty is the best policy, unless you're a woman involved in an argument with your boyfriend, then it's an all-out war.

scary clowns

There Are Really, Really Creepy Clowns Invading This Town


Not since the 1970's when serial killer John Wayne Gacy was terrifying everyone as "Pogo the Clown" have clowns been so feared.

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