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anais zanotti

Meet The Tantalizing Anais Zanotti, Former Playboy Model Turned Pro Skydiver With Over 1,350 Jumps Under Her Belt


A photo posted by Anais Zanotti (@anaiszanotti) on Oct 19, 2014 at 4:19pm PDT One look at the scintillating Anais Zanotti and you know she will raise your pulse, besides other things.

food porn

Man Vs. Food: Guy Creates Epic 4lbs McDonald’s Monster Burger That Costs $24


You may not have this at your local Mickey D's, but you should.

hilary duff tinder

Is Hilary Duff Using Tinder To Pick Up Dudes? Because It Sure Looks Like It.


On Saturday, we brought you the story of how Leonardo DiCaprio is "obsessed" with using Tinder to find regular chicks.

black ops 3

BEHOLD! First Official Trailer For Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 And There’s A Ton Of Bad-Ass Futuristic Weaponry


Three days ago, we hit you with the teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

fast and furious

EVERY Metal-Crunching Car Crash From ‘Fast And Furious’ Franchise Is One Wild Ride


The Fast and the Furious debuted in 2001, and ever since then the fierce franchise has pushed the pedal to the metal and captivated audiences with seven heart-racing movies.

super troopers 2

Mother Of God: ‘Super Troopers 2′ Indiegogo Campaign Ends With An Amazing $4.4 Million Raised


I'm all antsy in my pantsy and I don't know if it was the syrup on my waffles this morning or the fact that Super Troopers 2 is coming closer to a reality each and every day.

rap battle

P.E. Teacher Spits Old School Fire And Destroys Student In Freestyle Rap Battle

By | 2 Comments

Now this is not the best rap battle you will see this week and it probably set hip hop back 20 years, but this student gets absolutely served when he steps to his gym teacher.


Dude Doing Squats Struggles, That’s When Spotter Jumps In For Hilarious Thug Life Moment


One of the rules of a good spotter is that they never take away the weight from the lifter, unless they are in real trouble and need it taken away for safety reasons.


Girlfriend Gets Scathing REVENGE On Cheating Boyfriend By Posting Video Of Herself In Bed With Another Dude

By | 3 Comments

There are so many ways to get back at your ex for cheating, but generally they are really dumb ideas that have terrible repercussions.

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