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sewage brewage

Portland Brewers Think Beer Made Of Sewage Water Is The Shit


With the costs and accessibility of beer-making equipment becoming so readily available anyone can start a microbrewery in their basement.

loredana chivu

Dad Committed Suicide After Discovering His Daughter Posed In Playboy


Hey ✌️ A photo posted by Loredana Chivu (@loredanachivu) on Jan 19, 2015 at 10:23am PST Model Loredana Chivu has come to terms with the tragic death of her father and reveals the sad details.

jimmy kimmel prank

Jimmy Kimmel Fooled Cold-Pressed Juice Idiots With Skittles And Fun Dip


When you try to eat healthy you get barraged by fad diets that don't work.

budweiser super bowl commercial

Budweiser’s Puppy Super Bowl Commercial Hits You Right In The Feels


For last year's Super Bowl Budweiser tugged at your heartstrings with their adorable "Puppy Love" commercial.

larry stonger

Heart-Wrenching: News Anchor Retires On Live TV Because He Is Dying Of ALS


The funny thing about people is that we have a very short attention span.

asteroid 2004 bl86

NASA Shares Amazing Images Of Asteroid That Flew By Earth Showing It Has It’s Own Moon


In the relative scheme of the infinite realm of space, asteroid 2004 BL86 pretty much buzzed the Earth on Tuesday.

crowdfund dates

Hipster Tries To Crowdfund Dates With Women But Man Vows To Ruin Them With Accordion


A photo posted by Tom P (@tomlebeaupacker) on Jan 8, 2015 at 10:30am PST Meet Tom Packer, a 26-year-old bartender/music editor/BDSM sex relationship blogger from London who is looking for love.

super bowl commercials

Here’s Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl Commercial Early. You’re Welcome.


The Victoria's Secret Super Bowl commercial doesn't have any cute kids doing mischievous shenanigans.

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