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better call saul trailer

Your Prayers Have Been Answered, A New ‘Better Call Saul’ Sneak Peek Is Here!


There is absolutely nothing that can fill the monumental void that Breaking Bad left us with, we can only pray that Better Call Saul is even a third as good.

mary ann manning

Dying Mother Battling Cancer Gets Final Wish To Dance With Her Son At Wedding


Mary Ann Manning fought against her breast cancer for three difficult years, just long enough to see her son Ryan get married.

Ray Rice video

REPORT: Ray Rice To Appeal Suspension, Claiming That Video Was Edited


Ray Rice will appeal his indefinite suspension by arguing that the video released by TMZ was edited and didn't show the entire story.

Will Ferrell Cowbell

Will Ferrell And Chad Smith Play Together In All-Star Band Named ‘I Pissed My Pants’ For A Great Cause


Remember months ago when Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith had a drum-off on Jimmy Fallon.

iphone 6 destroyed

This iPhone 6 Plus Getting Obliterated In A Blender Will Either Delight Or Horrify You


WARNING: The following video contains graphic content that enthusiasts of Apple and their products may find offensive and appalling.

russian car crashes

Watch This Extremely Lucky Cyclist Miraculously Escape Death Not Once, But Twice


This violent car accident in Russia sends the red car spiraling into the intersection where a cyclist was crossing the street, but amazingly he goes unscathed.

condoms too small

Men Complain To Government That Condoms Are Too Small


Uganda men feel as though they got shafted by their government because they supplied them with condoms that they deem to be too small.

playground fails

All I’m Watching Today Is This Little Kid Falling On His Face While Laughing


While some people figuratively laugh in the face of danger, this brave toddler literally laughs in the face of danger.

mortal kombat prank

I Don’t Know If I Love Or Hate This Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank


Doing a prank where you dress as Sub-Zero and pretend to beat the shit out of unsuspecting people sounds like a fantastic idea.

ray rice jersey

Parents Alter Their Kids’ Ray Rice Jerseys Perfectly To Teach Them A Valuable Lesson

By | 2 Comments

So the punishments have been levied out to Ray Rice and the talking heads have weighed in on the unfortunate situation; however there is still some collateral damage caused by the brutal act of domestic violence.

crossfit parody

Hilarious Parody Video Of Crazy CrossFit Cult Members


If you think that standing up after doing a push-up is a burpee, or if you do pull-ups on the subway and if you check-in on Facebook to notify everyone that you're doing calisthenics in a warehouse than you are probably a CrossFit fanatic.

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