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best horror movies ever

Just In Time For Halloween: The 50 Greatest Horror Movies Of All Time

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Doug Draft Halloween season is here, everything outside is dying and soon we’ll all be trapped indoors with our claustrophobia, so there’s no better time than now to embrace the terror and the decay by celebrating the greatest horror movies of all time.

national boss s day

The 9 Worst TV Bosses Ever Remind Us That Today Is National Boss’s Day


Every year we celebrate National Boss's Day because… uh, I guess they don’t have enough going for them already.


9 Outbreaks That Wreaked Way More Havoc On Humanity Than Ebola


Ebola is running wild like Hulkamania (Ebolamania.

womens underwear

What A Woman’s Underwear Says About Her


It’s about time that women’s underwear had a voice, and we’re honored to bring it to you.

the walking dead

Ranking The 17 Best Deaths On ‘The Walking Dead’ (So Far)


With The Walking Dead all set to kick off season 5 this weekend, it’s a good time to take a moment and reflect on the truly important things.

keg party tips

8 Essential Tips For Throwing The Perfect Keg Party


Every bro should know how to throw a great keg party.

badass films

Ranking The 50 Most Badass Movies Of All Time… Any Arguments, Punk?


There are a lot of good movies out there, a lot that are cool even, but it’s the rarest of beasts that is a truly badass movie.


Everything You Could Possibly Need To Know About Oktoberfest


Germany is the home to a lot of things – Heidi Klum, castles, Dave Beethoven, some questionable decisions amongst the leadership – but nothing German brings a smile to a bro’s face like Oktoberfest (which actually already began on September 20 and runs for 16 days).

tv shows for guys

6 New Fall TV Shows That Need To Be On Every Bro’s Must-Watch List (And Why)


Fall premiere season might not carry quite the cachet it used to in the entertainment world, but that doesn’t mean that there still aren’t some shows worth checking out.

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