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About Neil Bulson... Neil Bulson writes words for money. Some of them are even funny. Hey, that rhymed! As you can see, it is probably best not to encourage him.
disappearing jobs

8 Jobs That Will Cease To Exist Within 10 Years


It’s hard to find a good job these days, but it’s just going to keep getting harder.


11 Completely Insane Subreddits That No One Should Ever, EVER Visit

By | 3 Comments

There are some subreddits on the wildly popular Reddit.


8 Things That The Internet Has Ruined Forever


The Internet has brought many amazing and wondrous things into our lives – music, boobs, Netflix, boobs, the ability to talk to people halfway around the world, boobs – but let’s face it, it’s also ruined a lot of things for everyone.


9 Things You Absolutely DO NOT Want To Say On A First Date


It’s all too easy to make a complete ass of yourself on a first date.

valentine s day tips

9 Guys You DON’T Want To Be On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day should be all about the love, but let’s face it, it’s all too easy to make a complete ass of yourself.

better call saul

8 Things We Need To See Happen On ‘Better Call Saul’


We’re all excited for Better Call Saul, right.

super bowl fails

The 9 Most Embarrassing Moments In The History Of The Super Bowl

By | 2 Comments

The Super Bowl is a time when the best of the best transcend their biggest hopes and dreams to achieve immortality… and others completely embarrass themselves and are forced to spend the rest of their lives in infamy.

coolest players

The 50 Coolest Football Players in NFL History


Sports media loves nothing more than debating the NFL’s greatest players, but to hell with that noise, we’re here to talk about what really counts: the NFL’s coolest players ever.

best theme bars america

7 Of The Coolest Theme Bars In America You Need To Visit At Some Point In Your Life


Bars already have the best theme: you show up and you get drunk with your bros.

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