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greatest south park episodes

Respect My Authoritah: The 50 Best ‘South Park’ Episodes Of All Time

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South Park is fast becoming a TV institution on par with legendary shows like The Simpsons, and, uh… The Simpsons.

first day at work

9 Of The Dumbest Mistakes You Can Make During Your First Day On The Job


Your first day of work is always a challenge, mostly because there’s always a chance that you’re going to completely alienate someone or become the office joke following a freak stapler incident that somehow ends with you in the emergency room.

election day

Don’t Vote For Guys Like This: The 8 Most Scandalous Congressmen Ever


Mid-term elections are almost upon us, and with that comes a dash of hope… and a whole lot of sneering contempt for the political circus our government has turned into.

people who ruin halloween

The 9 People Who Are Guaranteed To Fuck Up Halloween For Everyone Else


I love Halloween, you love Halloween, and your bro who finally got to bone a sexy cat without being called a furry lover really, really loves Halloween.

halloween costumes

What You Think Your Halloween Costume Says About You Vs. What It ‘Really’ Says


A good Halloween costume can be all the difference in the world between being inundated with all the candy at the end of the night and being left alone to jack your own lantern.


The 9 Craziest Moments In NBA History To Celebrate The Start Of The New Season


The NBA season is upon us once again, and while everyone will be focusing on LeBron coming home, or Kobe turning to dust like that dude in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade who drank from the wrong cup, there are sure to be a ton of even better stories.

best horror movies ever

Just In Time For Halloween: The 50 Greatest Horror Movies Of All Time

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Doug Draft Halloween season is here, everything outside is dying and soon we’ll all be trapped indoors with our claustrophobia, so there’s no better time than now to embrace the terror and the decay by celebrating the greatest horror movies of all time.

national boss s day

The 9 Worst TV Bosses Ever Remind Us That Today Is National Boss’s Day


Every year we celebrate National Boss's Day because… uh, I guess they don’t have enough going for them already.


9 Outbreaks That Wreaked Way More Havoc On Humanity Than Ebola


Ebola is running wild like Hulkamania (Ebolamania.

womens underwear

What A Woman’s Underwear Says About Her


It’s about time that women’s underwear had a voice, and we’re honored to bring it to you.

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