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Mr. T came out of the womb with a TV remote in one hand and a piece of paper with a bookie’s number in the other. Anointed a child prodigy after winning a March Madness pool at the age of nine, Mr. T serves as BroBible’s fantasy sports expert and resident handicapper. He's never seen a road trip he didn't like and spends way too much time researching female celebrities.
It's been wayyy too long, Kate.
Because they are hotties.
Real real.
It's like the World Cup. Of hotties.
How will the U.S. do?
More soccer.
Game on.
Can he do it?
You'll have to click to find out.
But not too fresh.
We continue to release our BroBible Travel Guides. The guides are intended on being a cheat sheet on food, drink, and fun that can be
Do the horses know they're racing?
NFL Bros get all the babes.
And down the stretch we come.
All the hotties, all the time.
Hotties for days.
Big, big on the boobs.
It's open season for hotties.
Despite a year in which college basketball parity was pretty evident, most prognosticators (myself included) went with favorites to make the Final Four.
And then there were four.
It's all the best hotties in this week's Hottie Index.
More basketball!
Game(s) on.
Watch out!
Defense wins regions.
Pitino FTW.
All Florida, all the time.
Get your cheat sheet.
It's been a good week for Babes.
The Hottie Index is here!
With the Olympics over, it’s time to shift the hottie focus back to the general population. But we don’t completely abandon the Olympic […]
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We continue to release our BroBible Travel Guides. The guides are intended to be a cheat sheet on food, drink, […]
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You probably spent a good portion of your weekend watching football. This was after you spent a good portion of the previous weekend watching football