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If only they were this candid... We'd all be better off.
A different kind of "Dear Jon" letter.
His roommates (AKA Mom and Dad) must have been using the home's common areas.
Memorial Day weekend is only a few days away and that means one thing: eating sausages with your bros!
Seinfeld has a great episode (The Bizarro Jerry) in which George Constanza uses a picture of an attractive woman to gain access to the “forbidden
Last night Joey Crawford ripped the ball out of Kevin Durant’s hands at the free throw line with the game on the line to correct
Pharrell’s fun-loving video for ‘Happy’ has exploded and led to countless remakes across the globe.
She’s All That isn’t a good movie; it’s a GREAT movie. It’s funny, both intentionally and not...
I bet you’re really excited to play in the NCAA Tournament. I’m excited to watch it!
A Woman with No Money Tried to Board a Flight to Chicago. Her Reason Will Make You Hug the Closest Pilot You Can Find
Last week I posted my requirements for my future girlfriend and lots of people are giving me shit over it.
I'm a 29-year-old male and I’ve been single for a while.
Between Netflix, premium channels like HBO and Showtime and cable networks like AMC and FX, TV shows have gotten A […]
Football season is just about over and we’re all screwed. Your typical Sunday To-Do list is about to get absolutely ruined
This post on Craigslist, from a guy trying to field a co-ed flag football team, is the best thing you will read all day. It has
There’s a big ass snowstorm happening right now in many parts of the Northeast and unless you’re a student or a teacher you’re basically fucked.
Dear Qualified Applicants, 
This is quite the piece of work. A beautiful, beautiful piece of work. I hope it all unfolds the way he describes it. 
Everyone has a different age when Christmas stopped being polite and started getting real (shout out to Jonathan Murray). Some kids had to grow up
Being uninsured affects your whole life. Gone are the days when you could absorb your nephew coughing directly into your mouth. Now you can’t even go
With the recent and sudden passing of Paul Walker, I figured it was a great time to write about a film he starred in: Varsity
Sometimes people write articles about the things they would say to their former self. “Love harder, kiss deeper, dance like nobody is watching, etc.” Yuck.
Peyton Manning and Papa John's are business partners (sort of). I've managed to intercept an email chain between the two of them. Peyton is kind
Flying sucks. You know it. I know it. Hell, even the pilots know it; why else do you think they get hammered at the airport
I’m an average golfer. Some days I have a few pars and think I’m on the cusp of joining the PGA Tour while others have