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dad bod

So You Don’t Have A Dad Bod? No Sweat. Here Are Other ‘Dad’ Qualities To Make The Babes Swarm


As you know Dad Bod is all the rage (at least for another 2 days until someone says something offensive on Twitter and then we can all try to ruin their lives.

roger goodell

6 Times Roger Goodell Looked Like He Was Holding In A Queef


Sometimes even a man as strong a Roger Goodell might quuef.


Two Bros Ordered a Pizza: An Oral History


On August 10, 2014, two bros sat down and did something that did not change history at all.


9 Keys to Throwing the Perfect Memorial Day BBQ


Memorial Day weekend is only a few days away and that means one thing: eating sausages with your bros.

stever kerr

Why Steve Kerr is George Costanza


Seinfeld has a great episode (The Bizarro Jerry) in which George Constanza uses a picture of an attractive woman to gain access to the “forbidden city.

that guy

Joey Crawford is Just ‘That Guy’


Last night Joey Crawford ripped the ball out of Kevin Durant’s hands at the free throw line with the game on the line to correct some kind of clock malfunction.


When Real Life Happens While Listening to to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’


Pharrell’s fun-loving video for ‘Happy’ has exploded and led to countless remakes across the globe.

shes all that

Remembering the Pure Greatness That Was: ‘She’s All That’


She’s All That isn’t a good movie; it’s a GREAT movie.

open letters

Open Letter to All Teams Participating in the 2014 NCAA Tournament


I bet you’re really excited to play in the NCAA Tournament.

writing headlines

Headlines from an Aspiring Internet Writing Sensation


A Woman with No Money Tried to Board a Flight to Chicago.

will you be my girlfriend

Will You Be My Girlfriend? (Update)


Last week I posted my requirements for my future girlfriend and lots of people are giving me shit over it.

Online dating

Will You Be My Girlfriend? (No, Seriously, See Criteria Below)


I'm a 29-year-old male and I’ve been single for a while.

TV shows

The ‘Have You Seen My Favorite TV Show?’ Conversation


Between Netflix, premium channels like HBO and Showtime and cable networks like AMC and FX, TV shows have gotten A LOT better.

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