Matt McCusker
About Matt McCusker... Matt McCusker is a Philadelphia-bred stand up comic who's recently been awarded "Philly's Funniest Person." When he's not writing for BroBible, he's usually toiling away at his pet project

The 13 Things You’re Doing To Your Weed Dealer That Piss Him Off


Smoking weed since I was 15 has given me plenty of time to interact with weed dealers over the years.


11 Things You Wish You’d Done BEFORE Graduating College

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Looking back on college I can’t say that I have many regrets, but there are a few things that I would done differently knowing what I know now.


10 (Awful) Ways to Keep the Sex Hot In Your Long Term Relationship


Love is a beautiful thing, especially that period in the beginning before people say, “I love you” when the guy doesn’t fart and the girl lets the guy touch her butthole during sex as much as he wants.


The 20 Creepiest ‘Missed Connections’ On Craigslist


Most of us use Craigslist for typical everyday stuff, like looking for jobs, selling cars, or buying used junk.


10 Places That Are Definitely Not Cool To Smoke Weed In, But Should Anyway


If you share the Rebel Soul like yours truly, sometimes you just have to get out of the house and get stoned somewhere you really shouldn’t.

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