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Wolverine. Superman. Captain America. In our generation’s take on superhero films, main characters are becoming more badass than ever, and it’s awesome.
Don't ruin your fat loss by making these easily avoidable mistakes.
Losing fat is easy, if you know what the hell you are doing.
For every fit bro out there, there’s probably at least ten more who hate the gym, and don’t make it a regular part of life.
There is a lot of misinformation in the fitness world when it comes to nutrition and what you should and should not be doing.
This week’s subject is a touchy one – drinking alcohol while trying to lose fat, or minimize fat gain. I believe it’s possible to drink
Okay bros, tank top season is fast approaching, and we all to build a powerful set of arms. Even if you don’t workout, you’ve probably
In today’s society, fitness and nutrition myths are a dime a dozen.
It’s April, which means warm weather is right around the corner, depending on where you live.
Okay bros, time to get a little controversial with you all, and share what I feel are the five most over-rated exercises I see every
We all want more protein in our diets. Nay, we all need more protein in our diets.
Okay bros, it’s time to tackle one of the most controversial topics in all of fitness: nutrition.
Okay bros, time to drop some more gym wisdom on you all.
I was born a weakling. Seriously.