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9 Things College Kids Claim They’ll Start Doing, Then Never Do


You're on your own for the first time, which means that living on an endless diet of Chipotle is no longer an unattainable dream.

the 9th semester

8 Things to Do During Finals Week That Are Much Better Than Studying


If you're truly a beacon of productivity, you'll spend this time focusing on real accomplishments.

If You’ve Gotta Pick a Movie Scene for a Sign Off Post, It Might As Well Be This One


Anything that's truly brilliant never really asks to be recognized.


The Lakers Have Unveiled Slick, Black ‘Hollywood Nights’ Jerseys for 2014


To the great pleasure of Ryan Gosling's character in Drive and Rondell Sheridan, the Lakers may very well be playing second fiddle to the Clippers this season.


Jerry Seinfeld Talks Comedians in Cars, Why He Doesn’t Like Late Night Shows


The man, the myth, the puffy shirt wearer Jerry Seinfeld sat down with the Hollywood Reporter to give a rare (I don't know if it's actually rare, but it seems to sound more compelling that way), in depth interview about his recent happenings, and the unique position he's at.

perks of being a wallflower

8 Idealistic, Easily Mockable Outlooks People Have at the Beginning of a New Semester


With a new semester comes a new wave of people convincing themselves that they're going to turn over fifty-four new self-improvement leaves.

David Letterman

Hank Took a Break from Trying to Catch Heisenberg, Went on Letterman


As Breaking Bad reaches its dramatic conclusion, Dean Norris' character does not seem to be very into taking half measures.


Here’s Awesome Video of Nate Robinson Crossing People Up in an Airport


In what seems straight out of a movie featuring a teenager who loves basketball, gets tripped up by an unfortunate, terribly coincidental circumstance, but ultimately displays enough resilience to make a game-winning play in the district championship, this is a video of Nathaniel Robinson living with the basketball.

Brad Pitt

Check Out the Extended Trailer for Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt’s Drug Epic, ‘The Counselor’


Our Bro Steve Coulter recently wrote a nice little ditty about why Fall is much better than Summer.

Check Out the Chilling Trailer to ‘Blue Caprice,’ a Movie About the DC Snipers


We all remember that string of sniper attacks that rocked the Beltway in 2002.


The Season 3 Trailer for Key and Peele Is Really Out of Control


Whether it's outdoing each other in the hat game, or making fun of substitute teachers, Key & Peele have solidified themselves as some of the premier masters of Key-ing and Peele-ing.

the weeknd

Listen to ‘Live For,’ a Smooth Collab Between The Weeknd and Drake


Canadian crooner The Weeknd has a similar musical sensibilities to Aubrey Graham.


This Fake Cheez-It Commercial Brilliantly Tackles a Bro’s Daily Snacking Struggle


Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of a chainsmoking sidekick/mentor.

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