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Kyle Koster wonders who would read this bio section.
If you take a liberal view of what those words mean.
Sometimes you just need a snack.
Gambling: perfectly healthy.
He's like a normal person.
You need to be watching this show.
Solid apology.
A very important skill.
Someone tickle his orchid, please.
Two guys who look remarkably similar in tank tops.
Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban appeared on ESPN this afternoon because, c’mon, producers know television gold when they see it. […]
So hot.
Extremely appetizing.
He didn't actually bomb Chicago.
Shortstop stuff.
A bold move.
From way downtown.
Lack of respect.
Black Mamba is a terrific name for a softball bat.
Who let them in?
Slick dome.
You won't believe this thing.
Pretty clear choice IMO.
Try not to laugh.
Big week for Mr. Al.
Yeah, we're going to need a chair over here.
Ted Mosby was edited out.
Strong man.
Good thing to look at while on the toilet?
His forehead needs an agent.
That club died.
That's gotta hurt.
Powerful stuff.
Not subtle.
After allowing a leadoff double to Derek Jeter last night, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright said he grooved a […]
Go crazy for free crap time.
What a career.
Classy guy.