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Kyle Koster wonders who would read this bio section.
Can't unhear this.
Fork it over, fans.
Great thirst-quencher.
Glove? Who needs a glove?
Everybody bloops.
He should be the starter.
What an athlete.
Fernando. That's fun to say.
We got a brawl!
Like father, like son.
It's hard to drink when giggling.
Real fair competition here.
My Lord.
Ben Whofleck?
Because he is an attractive human man.
Who is that dancing man?
It's a big day.
What happens at training camp stays on the internet.
Going above and beyond.
If you take a liberal view of what those words mean.
Sometimes you just need a snack.
Gambling: perfectly healthy.
He's like a normal person.
You need to be watching this show.
Solid apology.
A very important skill.
Someone tickle his orchid, please.
Two guys who look remarkably similar in tank tops.
Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban appeared on ESPN this afternoon because, c’mon, producers know television gold when they see it. […]
So hot.
Extremely appetizing.
He didn't actually bomb Chicago.
Shortstop stuff.
A bold move.
From way downtown.
Lack of respect.