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Kyle Koster wonders who would read this bio section.
This should be good.
Found footage.
Deep, in-depth conversations with strangers.
A real hero.
In case you aren't ready.
Passionate fans.
The ol' stop short.
Bottoms up.
It will be a physical challenge.
Then again, that's like staying on your feet in the Southern Hemisphere.
Looks easy, right?
And chose different levels of dressing up.
Picking and grinning.
Love-Top 40.
This is really big news.
Ballpark problems.
People helping people.
Brains don't work anymore.
Accidental brilliance.
For charity, apparently.
C'mon, Jack.
The fence is short.
Poor work.
Back together ... at last?
Hey, so does everyone.
Hey, we need to talk ..
Incredible moments.
Pretty things.
Settle down, fellas.
What is that thing?
I think he's upset about something.
Like, really hate him.
Touchdown Jesus wept.
Just putting on a clinic.
Girl talk.
Trouble brewing.