Kyle Koster
About Kyle Koster... Kyle Koster wonders who would read this bio section.
rex ryan

Rex Ryan’s Buffalo Bills-Themed Truck Is Awesome


  Rex Ryan has brought his in-your-face style of doing things with him to Buffalo.

rob konrad

Here’s Police Video Of Rob Konrad Being Found


Rob Konrad's fantastic story about surviving a fishing mishap has attracted all sorts of attention.

march madness

Adidas Unveils March Madness Uniforms For Eight Schools And The Shorts All Look Stupid


It would be pretty unreasonable to ask Adidas schools to play March basketball in their regular uniforms, so the company is outfitting them with retro-inspired looks for meaningful hoops.

head transplant

Italian Surgeon Says We’re Two Years Away From Human Head Transplants


One of the major flaws of mankind is our inability to perform head transplants.

rob gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski: ‘Sometimes Chicks Are Crazy … I Don’t Got A Girlfriend’


Every single thing Rob Gronkowski has ever done suggests he's not the type to settle down with just one woman.


Richmond’s Unsuccessful Buzzer-Beater Was More Amazing Than Most Successful Buzzer-Beaters


ShawnDre' Jones' running three-pointer at the end of regulation against VCU came tantalizingly close to falling after taking a few bounces on the rim but luck was not on the Spiders' side.

devin robinson

Florida’s Devin Robinson Unplugged Missouri’s Keanau Post From The Matrix With This Dunk


  Devin Robinson took every ounce of frustration this lackluster Florida season has created and took it out on Missouri's Keanau Post last night.

tom brady

Tom Brady Plans To Be The Biggest Movie Star In Hollywood After Football


Tom Brady, showing the confidence of a man who has overcome long odds to win four Super Bowls and marry a supermodel, is apparently eyeing a serious acting career after he's done slinging footballs for the New England Patriots.

sponsored posts

$40,000 Is Up For Grabs This Week Playing Fantasy Golf


Did you know that DraftKings is giving away a $1,000,000 top prize for a Masters contest.

high school basketball

Two Girls Basketball Teams Tried Tanking Same Game, Things Got Weird


Smyrna and Riverdale matched up in a Tennessee girls basketball playoff game on Saturday.

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