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greg hardy

Greg Hardy Got Into A Verbal Altercation With A Teammate Who Called Him A Woman Beater


Greg Hardy is suspended until Thanksgiving but that doesn't mean he's not already making an impact on his new team.

colleen crowley

Did Colleen Crowley Get A Tattoo Of Johnny Manziel’s Name On Her Arm?


  Things between Johnny Manziel and Colleen Crowley must be getting pretty serious because she has decided it prudent to get his autograph tattooed on her arm.

kat dennings

Jason Alexander Recorded George Costanza’s Classic Voicemail For Kat Dennings


Soon after the Seinfeld episode with George Costanza's fantastic answering machine message aired, I took it upon myself to change my family's outgoing recording to a cheaper version sung by my pre-pubescent voice.

tony romo

Tony Romo Predicts A Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Win And There’s No Way That Will Come Back To Bite Him


Tony Romo promised Duke's Jahlil Okafor he'd win a Super Bowl if the Blue Devils won the NCAA Tournament.


Sit Next To Dana White At UFC 187 And Make All Your Friends Hate You


Beginning Saturday the nation's best daily fantasy sports site is offering up a chance to win a one-of-a-kind experience with biggest name in MMA.

rob gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski Suggests Barack Obama Was ‘Wasted’ At The White House Yesterday


  Rob Gronkowski visited the White House with his New England Patriots teammates yesterday and, as he does, stirred things up.

suicide bomber prom

Middle Eastern Student Suspended For His Suicide Bomber-Themed Prom Proposal Accuses High School Of Racism

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  An Oregon high school student thought it would be a good idea to dress as a suicide bomber as part of an elaborate prom proposal and you'll be shocked to learn his school isn't too thrilled about it.

michigan state spartans

Michigan State’s New Football Uniforms Are Predictably Awesome

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Now that Michigan State is a football powerhouse, it's essential to keep the team in the front of people's minds.

bartolo colon

Behold The Blistering Speed And Athleticism Of Bartolo Colon


  While everyone sits around and jokes about Bartolo Colon's weight, he's out there doing stuff like this.

tom brady

Tom Brady Didn’t Visit The White House With The Patriots. Does He Hate America?

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The New England Patriots have a name that suggests they are a patriotic bunch.

brittney griner

Brittney Griner And Fiance Glory Johnson Arrested For Assaulting Each Other


WNBA superstar Brittney Griner and her fiance Glory Johnson were each arrested after a fight yesterday in Phoenix.

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