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Republican Ted Cruz’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Made A Pretty Compelling Argument Blaming Obama For Ebola


  Nick Muzin, an advisor and deputy chief of staff to Ted Cruz, wasted no time making a politically charged point on Twitter last night after a case of ebola was confirmed in New York City.

olivia munn

Aaron Rodgers Gave Olivia Munn A Special Ring But Not THE Special Ring


Anyone worrying about the healthiness of the Olivia Munn-Aaron Rodgers relationship can breathe a deep sigh of relief.

college football

Referee Ron Cherry Delivers Swaggiest First Down Signal You’ll See This Year


  I happened to be watching the Miami-Virginia Tech game live last night.


P.K. Subban’s ‘Thriller’ Halloween Costume Is Fantastic


  What are you going to be for Halloween.

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BroBible Readers Will Surpass $50K In Winnings On DraftKings This Weekend, Be A Part Of It


If you’ve been paying attention over the past year-plus, I’ve been delivering can’t-miss advice on how to grow your bank account with DraftKings.

fan fights

Young Clippers Bro Learns Why One Doesn’t Pick A Fight With A Grown-Ass Man


It's a weird phenomenon, but a man's ability to fight seems to increase with age even if his overall physical fitness level plummets.

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