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Let’s break some hearts.
It’s a man’s world? Bullshit.
Bros-there is nothing wrong with being a little predictable.
I’m not racist, but- just kidding. I’m racist.
I’m not racist, but- just kidding. I’m racist.
I don’t use my iTunes at the gym.
In previous posts, I’ve defended my status as a “hater,” sanitizing it as some sort of noble undertaking; bravely castigating wrongdoers while the rest of you
I love pickup basketball. In this time of post-grad uncertainty, Monday night ball is one of the few things that I find solace in. As
Last week we were bombarded with pixilated virals of Black Friday. Headline after headline of ignorant people treating other ignorant people like garbage. Unfortunately, reports
I don’t get  “political scandals”.  I get that they are an effective tool for the media to wrangle in eyeballs, but that’s about it. It
This month marks Thanksgivukkah, the first time in thousands of years that the Jews and Anybody Who Isn’t A Native American’s favorite holidays fall on
Since it dropped last week, I’ve been on an unbridled GTA V crack-binge. On the rare instances that I’m forced to leave my house, I
I don’t know how you spent your time in college, but a sizable chunk of mine was devoted to finding a quiet place to take
I don’t listen to music when I’m in the car or walking around the city. Mainstream radio isn’t engrossing enough to drown out my innermost
By some cruel twist of fate, I spent Friday night of Labor Day Weekend in a synagogue (the temple was in the Hamptons, so I
When you’re young, your days are fueled with imagination and enthusiasm. A discarded cardboard box becomes an adult-proof hideout. Your 10-foot long driveway transforms into
Jay-Z once rapped, “In order to survive, you gotta learn to live with regrets”.  But then again, he also spit “Twerk, twerk. Miley, Miley, twerk
Spinning, particularly SoulCycle has taken both coasts by storm as workout trend of the year. Our resident bro Krum took a
Living in the tri-state area is a double-edged Gilette Proglide Razor™. On one hand there’s soul-crushing-economic disparity, frigid winters succeeded by
Kids these days, you have it so easy- what with your Macklemore and his glorification of shitty haircuts and budget-minded shopping.
I’m still in that high school mindset that anyone who shows too much interest or enthusiasm for anything is a massive
I don’t do the pot, but like most of you, I get the munchies one way or another (drunk munchies, sex
I know that I’m going to catch a buttload of shit (heh) for this post, so let me preface my argument
I’m a young(-ish) comic, so I’m constantly checking out open mics and new talent nights in order to sharpen my set.
Truth is stranger than fiction and I’ll take raw struggle over shitty CGI any day. That’s why I love a good
In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I’d regale you guys with a classic story about my Dad. Also, in honor
Watching me grow up, my father was often prompted to tell me stories of his own childhood: his successes, his failures,
Every few years, a new subculture seems to spring up and thousands of adaptable Americans readily turn in their personal identities
I don’t do mainstream media. Not because I’m one of those conspiracy theorist wackjobs, but because it’s boring. Every time you
I’ve never been a traditional gym guy. When I would lift, I’d find myself sleepwalking from machine to machine, dreaming of that mediocre chocolate protein
With a culture steeped in hubris and violence, Hip-Hop is arguably music’s most humorless genre. Rap’s ain’t nothing nice-attitude fostered a culture ripe for parody;
I’m not a racist, for practical reasons. First, I hate myself way too much to have leftover animosity for entire ethnic groups. More importantly, there
Last Friday, news of Lil Wayne’s Sizzurp  overdose nearly broke the Internet. Amongst the rumors and misspelled condolence tweets were the obligatory “Explaining Sizzurp to
When it comes to the Internet, reading an article, listening to music, or watching a video is a two-step process. First, you check out the
When an artist shares his music with the world, there is an implicit agreement that the tune is subject to transformation from those who listen.
I’ll never forget my first computer. My eighth birthday just passed when my Dad wheeled that boxy Hewlett Packard into my bedroom. From that instant,
A while back, I wrote an article about how EDM has replaced hip-hop as the go-to party music for bros. Check this new video exploring
Recently, I contemplated cutting the chord. Y’know, ditching costly cable and substituting it with a Hulu-Netflix-HD antennae mashup? It seemed like the rational choice, until