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2014 christmas

5 Holiday-Inspired Drinks That Won’t Make You Lose The Respect Of Men Everywhere


Another December and another parentally hosted holiday party complete with the traditional pre-party screaming match and subsequent meltdown.

fast food

6 Fast-Food Breakfasts That Should Exist


Completely relaxed, I settle into the couch, unwilling to walk the fifteen feet to the bed or clean up the Funyun pile perched on my stomach.


10 Things You Can Do For Money That Don’t Involve Actual Work


Chasing that paper would be an overstatement—any forward momentum was exhausted years ago.


I Went An Entire Week Without Changing My Underwear, Because Fuck It, Right?


It’s something that just happens, like a baby or a gambling addiction.


5 Stages Everyone Goes Through When Drunkenly Stumbling Home From The Bar


Immediate frustration (1) festers as the bar doors slam shut.

2014 halloween costumes

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For The Lazy Bro


No costume was finished, just the five-pound bag of fun-sized candy originally designated for trick-or-treaters.


9 Drinking Instances That Are Warning Signs That You Might Be Over Doing It


Instinctive and unapologetic, the drive to hone and flaunt one’s partying abilities seizes individuals everywhere.

drinking games

I Turned People Watching Into A Drinking Game, And So Can You!


Not to sound too much like an after school special, but anything can become a drinking game if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself.


9 Great Movies To Watch While You Pregame, Because Sometimes You Just Don’t Feel Like Playing Beer Pong


Much like selecting pizza toppings, voting for a class president, or picking a TrapperKeeper, this decision lacks magnitude yet still carries the burden of you potentially being silently and forever judged for a wrong choice.

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