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9 Drinking Instances That Are Warning Signs That You Might Be Over Doing It


Instinctive and unapologetic, the drive to hone and flaunt one’s partying abilities seizes individuals everywhere.

drinking games

I Turned People Watching Into A Drinking Game, And So Can You!


Not to sound too much like an after school special, but anything can become a drinking game if you put your mind to it and believe in yourself.


9 Great Movies To Watch While You Pregame, Because Sometimes You Just Don’t Feel Like Playing Beer Pong


Much like selecting pizza toppings, voting for a class president, or picking a TrapperKeeper, this decision lacks magnitude yet still carries the burden of you potentially being silently and forever judged for a wrong choice.

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I Tried To Use My Dishwasher To Do Laundry, A Total Shit Show Ensued


The air, ripe with trash musk, wafted through my studio apartment.

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6 Ways to Justify Your Insanely Long Bathroom Breaks at Work


Getting paid to poop is the only way to go through life, you guys.


9 Ways to Hide How Broke You Are When You Go Out This Weekend


You may not have a lot of money, but you do have a $2 bill.

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