Jorge Alonso
About Jorge Alonso... Resident video Editor/Gif Maker at Miami native and lifelong Heat fan. Pronounces GIF as JIF because the other way is clearly wrong.
MLB Playoffs

Elderly Woman Wanders Into Giants Dugout, Confuses Security Guard


During tonight's National League wildcard playoff game between Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants , an elderly woman wearing a Pirates jersey seemed to have gotten lost and ended up in the Giants dugout much to the chagrin of a confused security guard who had no idea what was going on.

Kansas City Royals

Royals’ Salvador Perez Walk-Off Hit In 12th Inning Leads To First Playoff Win For Kansas City Royals In 29 Years


Kansas City Royals fans had to sit through five hours and a ton of emotional ups and downs in an epic 12 inning Wildcard playoff win vs The Oakland A's.

young joc

Royals’ Jarrod Dyson Steals Third, Does Young Joc Dance And Then Scores Game-Tying Run in Bottom Of The 9th VS A’s


Kansas City Royals pinch runner Jarrod Dyson stole third base in the bottom of the ninth and then scored the game-tying run vs the Oakland A's to send the wildcard playoff game into extra innings.

Husain Abdullah

Chiefs’ Husain Abdullah Penalized For Praying In The End Zone

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After running back a pick six off of Tom Brady, Chiefs DB Housain Abdullah, a devout Muslim went down to his knees in a show of prayer.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Fan Wears A GoPro Strapped To His Head On MNF


The Kansas City Chiefs broke the Guinness World Record tonight for loudest crowd noise level in an NFL stadium and noone was more stoked than this Chiefs fan who for whatever reason had a GoPro camera strapped to his head.

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