Jorge Alonso
About Jorge Alonso... Resident video Editor/Gif Maker at Miami native and lifelong Heat fan. Pronounces GIF as JIF because the other way is clearly wrong.
jon jones

UFC Champion Jon Jones Wanted For Felony Charge Of Leaving Scene Of Crime After Female Victim Suffered Broken Arm


More details have emerged in the hot-and-run accident involving UFC champion Jon Jones.

kendrick perkins

Cavs’ Kendrick Perkins Lays Out Jae Crowder On Dirty Play, Then Slaps Him, Somehow Doesn’t Get Ejected


Before halftime of the Cavs-Celtics playoff game on Sunday, Cavs center Kendrick Perkins set a dirty pick on Jae Crowder and laid him out.

cleveland cavaliers

Cavs’ Kevin Love Leaves Game After His Shoulder Pops Out Of Place During Cavs-Celtics Playoff Game


In the first quarter of game 4 of the Celtics-Cavs playoff series, Cavs star forward Kevin Love suffered an injury to his shoulder after getting tangled up with Celtics' Kelly Olynyk.

dwight howard

Dwight Howard Tries To One-Up LeBron James By Hitting His Own Full-Court Shot


Earlier today, LeBron James casually hit an amazing full-court shot during.

miley cyrus

Here’s An Instagram Video Of Miley Cyrus Smoking The Biggest Joint Ever


Miley Cyrus recently broke up from Patrick Schwarzenegger and instead of sitting at home feeling sad, she's chosen to chill at home and smoke gigantic blunts.

lebron james

Watch LeBron James Casually Make A Full-Court Shot Without Even Trying


Here's your daily reminder that LeBron James is not from this planet.

rory mcilroy

Watch Rory McIlroy Get Owned By 17-Year Old Junior Golfer At Arm Wrestling


Rory McIlroy, The world's top-ranked golfer, decided to take on junior golfer Brad Dalke in an arm wrestling contest at a Nike-sponsored event at Sage Valley Golf Club in South Carolina.

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