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Bro-setta Stone: Las Vegas Translations for the Everyday Bro


We’re taking a departure from our first two editions and are proud to bring you a Las Vegas themed Bro-setta Stone.

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15 Things You’ll Never Hear a College Bro Say


College Bros say a lot of things, most of which are very epic, or legendary, or highly sexual.

things bros love

8 Things Bros Get Emotionally Attached To


I’m 25, which means I’m really not old but I’m not that young.


Bro-setta Stone: More Female Translations for the Everyday Bro


A few weeks ago, I provided some common female-to-male translations, which I dubbed Bro-setta Stone.

translating what she says

Bro-setta Stone: 6 Female Translations for the Everyday Bro


Let’s face it: women are as mysterious as they are intoxicating.

college life

8 Ways a Bro Can Kill Time This Summer


Summer’s finally here and since we can’t all go to Ecuador and pick up litter like some of our Facebook friends, the majority of us are stuck at home.


10 Things Chicagoans Hate About Chicago


[Editor's Note: John Hickey is a Chicago based stand up comedian and writer.

taking advantage

Three ‘Scumbaggish’ Things a Bro Can Get Away With


When it comes to getting stuff for free, or just getting away with a ton of bullshit in general, women have us beat.

taking credit

5 Things You Need to Stop Taking Credit For


We live in a society where self-entitlement is rampant and little responsibility is taken for the decisions we make.

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