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Envy is real.
Spice up your next round.
Surely there's a reason.
It's the most wonderful day of the year.
Liar, liars.
These people ...
Make it happen.
It's almost summertime bros, and that means three things.
CD-ROM games became popular right in the heart of the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis era.
Last week, the Basic Bitch phenomenon set the Internet on fire.
Basic Bitch, so hot right now.
As you get older, you'll notice your pool of friends will decrease year-by-year, until one day the only people texting you are your wife and
Tonight kicks off the Sweet 16 in one of the best NCAA Tournaments in recent memory.
Everyone knows what it's like to be broke at some point in their lives.
For those of you confused by your friend's "Happy Pi Day!" Facebook statuses today, Pi refers to the math symbol that equals 3.14.
The idea that you shouldn't care about how much money you make in your 20s is downright asinine.
I will indeed be picking winners, but winners of fake categories that I made up and that don't exist.
Let me start by saying that these rankings were a fucking pain to do. I originally wanted to do a […]
I realize this is a contrarian view of how Valentine’s Day is perceived, especially on a site like this, but […]
Now that most of you college seniors have been back from winter break for a week or two, hopefully you're jacked up for what should
In 2014, when a man wants to jerk off, he sits in front of a laptop, types in (has to type it in every
To be clear, this isn’t an “I hate New Year’s Eve” or “Why New Year’s Eve is Super Overrated” post. Actually, there are so many
I'm not gonna bore you with a long intro, because I know that's not why you clicked on this column. I will however provide two
The Gchat convo went something like this:
Last night I watched the Victoria's Secret fashion show and wrote my thoughts down on the Internet. For those of you who watched it, sick
Click HERE for last week's inaugural Instagram Comments of the Week. These are a day late this week because my mother made me talk to family members and
For my money, Instagram is the single best app a person can have on their phone from a pure entertainment standpoint. It's Facebook without the
First off, this is going to be the last installment in this series. It’s not for lack of ideas, either. I’ve got ideas for days:
New Yorkers mainly pride themselves on three things—their toughness, their pizza, and their sports teams. A crime isn’t a crime unless someone gets murdered. Pizza isn’t
Some people would rather look good and lose than look bad and win. Not this guy. Is his 3-point % sustainable with that form? Probably
From WMC TV:
Click HERE for part 1 of the series.
Let's get straight to the point here, no intro, no bullshit: Time Warner Cable is the worst company on Earth, and here are the reasons why. Editor's
I was hanging out with a guy and his girlfriend the other day and she mentioned how she wanted to go apple picking, to which
Last week, I wrote an article on how college girls differ from girls in their mid 20’s. The (mostly female) comments ranged from “LOOOL sooo true please
It's been four years now since I graduated college. In those four years I've transformed from an immature, alcohol-abusing, degenerate-gambling, recklessly irresponsible smartass into an
Roughly one month ago I decided to take my talents to the Upper East Side (“The Decision” was like 3 years ago, bro, let it
For many of you bros and cool chicks out there, this coming week is draft week. Fantasy football drafts are arguably more fun than the
For someone who enjoys gambling as much as I do, I have a pretty unfavorable opinion of casinos. In fact, I detest them. Casinos are