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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Is Actually Awesome


I realize this is a contrarian view of how Valentine’s Day is perceived, especially on a site like this, but it looks like the comment section isn't working, so I can say whatever the fuck I want and assume everyone agrees with it… Valentine’s Day really isn’t that bad.

July 4th

Why the Fourth of July is the Best Day of the Year


It's the most wonderful day of the year.


The 10 Best Summer Drinking Games


It's almost summertime bros, and that means three things.

throwback thursday

The Six Greatest CD-ROM Games of Your Childhood


CD-ROM games became popular right in the heart of the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis era.

basic bros

20 Signs You’re a Basic Bro


Last week, the Basic Bitch phenomenon set the Internet on fire.

post grad

The 10 Friends You’ll Have in Your Twenties


As you get older, you'll notice your pool of friends will decrease year-by-year, until one day the only people texting you are your wife and your 8-year-old son.

NCAA Tournament

‘I Had Them in My Bracket!’ Why This Phrase Needs to Die Right Now


Tonight kicks off the Sweet 16 in one of the best NCAA Tournaments in recent memory.


15 Indisputable Ways You Know You’re Broke


Everyone knows what it's like to be broke at some point in their lives.

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