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The Simpsons

10 TV shows with the best Halloween specials

By | 11 Comments

Halloween specials are a long-standing trope of the classic sitcom.

TV show buddies

12 of the best TV bromances of all-time

By | 44 Comments

While it may be a bit awkward to discuss among real friends, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that special bond most of us share between our best friends.

Space Jam

10 movies you loved as a kid that are actually kind of awful

By | 16 Comments

If you've got fond memories of movies you loved as a kid, then do yourself a favor and NEVER WATCH THEM AGAIN.

What not to eat on a date

7 types of foods to avoid on a first date

By | 2 Comments

If you're headed out on a date, then chances are you're going to stop off for some grub at some point during the night.

unique pumpkin carvings

30 of the most amazing and awesome pumpkin carvings

By | 15 Comments

When it comes to All Hallow's Eve, pumpkin carving is a time-honored tradition.

Urkel Os

12 discontinued cereals that need to be revived

By | 23 Comments

According to recent polls, roughly 30 percent of all Americans eat cold cereal in the morning.

weird inventions

10 of the dumbest million dollar ideas of all-time


Not every product has to be useful or worthwhile to earn a ton of money.

TV show bars

10 fictional bars we’d most want to get drunk at


It turns out that fictional TV and movie characters love grabbing a drink just as much as the rest of us.


11 of the most amazing toys of the 1990s

By | 20 Comments

The 1990s were a great decade for toys.

Mark Wahlberg

9 celebs who actually went from rags to riches

By | 18 Comments

Hey, if you're an A-list celebrity, then it's pretty safe to say that you've got a fairly large bank account.


10 of the best TV shows to have only one season

By | 20 Comments

There are plenty of great TV shows out there that never got a chance to build the audience they deserved.

Worthless superhero powers

10 of the most worthless superhero powers of all-time

By | 4 Comments

When discussing superpowers, most of us tend to talk about the best of the best.

What is in a chicken nugget

10 really disgusting food facts you didn’t know

By | 9 Comments

If you're hungry right now, you won't be after you read this article.

The Usual Suspects

10 of the most memorable twist endings in movies

By | 8 Comments

In many cases, a well-executed twist ending instantly transforms a good movie into a great movie.

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