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About Jason Epstein... Jason Epstein is a nationally published freelance writer living in the greater NYC area. He's known for his close friends/good conversations/playing bass/wind in the face/rocking out/reading up/holding it down/good times/turning on dimes/and sometimes trying to rhyme(s). He can be reached at his website and you can follow him on Twitter here.
monty python and the holy grail

‘Monty Python And The Holy Grail’ Turns 40: 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know


Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of the finest comedic films of all time.

best jerky brands

9 Lesser Known Jerky Brands That Every Bro Needs To Try Right Now


Tasty morsels of lean, cured, delicious, portable protein – there may not be a better snack than jerky.

stuff you need

8 Awesome Booze Accessories You May Not Have Known About, But Need Right Now


Some drinkers might say that all they need is a can of beer or a bottle of hard liquor and they’re set.

stuff you need

7 Of The Most Badass Man Crates To Splurge On For Yourself Or Your Best Bros


Have you ever dreamed of getting a gift so manly you had to open it with a crowbar.


6 Things We Are Dying To Be Able To Print Using 3D Printers


3D Printers are truly the wave of the future, unlike a million of the useless, poorly thought-out or downright stupid gadgets and other technological “advances” of our time.

super bowl commercials

The 10 Most Hilarious Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

By | 2 Comments

Thanks goodness for Super Bowl commercials, relieving tension in between the big moments of the biggest game of the year.

ski vacations

7 Kickass Destinations To Ski By Day And Party By Night


Find a snow-covered mountain, slap on some skis, hitch a ride to the top and ski to the bottom.

coolest watches

8 Mind-Blowing Wristwatches You Need To Put On Your Holiday Wish List Right Now


Intricate, dazzling and complex aren’t typical descriptors for wristwatches – especially if like many 90s kids you wore those rubber and plastic Casio watches from Sears – but today there are a host of specialty timepieces out there that are absolutely breathtaking.

restaurant tricks

9 Devious Ways Restaurants Try to Trick You


The restaurant industry has its fair share of problems (sexism, racism, the whole tipping vs.


10 Of The Most Gruesome On-Set Injuries In The History Of Film


Stuntmen and actors who do their own stunts are badass, there’s no doubt about that.


8 Delicious Dishes You Can Make Using Beer To Keep You Fat And Happy This Fall


Fall is in full swing and if there’s anything that can be said that rings true for every blessed man, woman and child on American soil, it’s that beer is the reason for the season.

scariest short films of all time

8 Terrifying Short Films You Can Watch Right This Second


Whether it’s foreboding, visceral or disturbing, quality horror cinema isn’t quite like anything else.

scariest haunted houses

7 ‘Killer’ Haunted Houses Guaranteed To Scare The Piss Out Of You This Halloween


The Halloween season comes to us with promises of screams, suspense and scares and nothing delivers them in quite the way that a great haunted house does.

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