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About Jason Epstein... Jason Epstein is a nationally published freelance writer living in the greater NYC area. He's known for his close friends/good conversations/playing bass/wind in the face/rocking out/reading up/holding it down/good times/turning on dimes/and sometimes trying to rhyme(s). He can be reached at his website and you can follow him on Twitter here.
offensive ads

The 9 Most Asinine, Offensive Ad Campaigns Of Modern Times


Because you already know just how unbelievably racist, sexist and homophobic old marketing campaigns were (pretty much all of them were one way or another), let’s instead take a look at some modern ones created and approved by corporate moron a-holes.

concert venues

The 9 Types of Concert Venues and Why Each One of Them Blows


Concerts are awesome, but to enjoy them we have to wade through a sea of nonsense.

crazy correlations

8 Insane Things That Amazingly Correlate With One Another


Did you know some things that have absolutely nothing to do with others are mysteriously bound together in insane ways.

party rules

8 of the worst party fouls you might not even know you’re committing


We all know that throwing up on your host’s hand-stitched Persian rug, peeing off the back deck onto unsuspecting guests below or drinking until you everyone knows your life story are Party Foul 101 material, but let’s go just a little deeper.

short tv series on netflix

9 great shows you can Netflix marathon over the weekend


Are you like me in that when you want to get into a new show, the less seasons it is the less intimidated you are by the sheer time commitment it poses to your life.


8 ways to tell if your favorite BBQ joint is authentic (from pitmasters and experts)


It’s summertime and you’re sure to be hungering for some delicious BBQ, but how do you know what you’re eating is authentic, and what does authentic BBQ even mean.

video games you can beat in one day

8 kickass games you can beat in just one evening


Boring cutscenes, endless repetition, too much dialogue, long travel sequences; let’s be honest, sometimes games drag on too long.


7 of the best first person games you probably haven’t played


Did you know that not every first person game needs to be a Call of Duty title.

women and flirting

7 silly flirting mistakes women make all the time


Sometimes, like guys, women are bad flirts too.

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