About Jake Alexander...

Diary Of A College Club Lax Bro


The following is a semi-satirical typical week in the life of a club lacrosse player.

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22 Things I Would Do If I Went Back To College


My parents once told me that college was about finding out who you are.


4 iPhone Games That Are Ruining My Fucking Life


While many people might let the benefits of their doctor-diagnosed attention disorder go to waste, I use mine solely for good - playing iPhone games.


What A Bro’s College Major Says About Him


You can glean a hell of a lot about a Bro based on what his major in college is or was.

college life

A Letter To My Freshman Self: I Hate You


Dear Jake, I was going to begin with a pleasant introduction, but you know what.

spending summer at college

Why Living On Campus During Summer Break Is The Best/Worst Thing Ever


After your first year of college, deciding how you spend your summers becomes a pretty big deal.

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