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college life

A Letter To My Freshman Self: I Hate You


Dear Jake, I was going to begin with a pleasant introduction, but you know what.

spending summer at college

Why Living On Campus During Summer Break Is The Best/Worst Thing Ever


After your first year of college, deciding how you spend your summers becomes a pretty big deal.


What Your Shoe Choice Tells Everyone About You


What do you notice first about a person.

the 9th semester

How Cheating Will Ruin Your Life


Cheating begins with a lie that you tell yourself.

terrible humans

The 5 Worst Types of Snapchat Friends


Not only did Stanford University recently send a quarterback to the NFL with the nicest neckbeard that side of the Mississippi, but.

stupid things

7 Things People Get Way Too Angry Over


How often would you say that you get overly frustrated.

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