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Indiana University Bro Emails Professor To Contest His Grade, When She Blows Him Off He Responds Like An Asshole

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Sometimes we don't get the grade we want, or the one we feel like we deserve based on our performance or gross sense of entitlement (could go either way).


This Chick Put A Camera In Her Boobs To See How Many People Stare At Her Goods Each Day


YouTube As a man, when you read that headline, your mind immediately thinks that this is some unnecessary social experiment to prove that men are tit-thirsty boob-starers.

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The 10 Biggest Douchebags At Every Gym


YouTube Gyms are rife with assholes.


‘Draking’ Is Putting A Photo Of Drake’s Head On A Handicap Sign And People In Toronto Are Loving It


Lauren O'NeIl Here's the skinny: People in Toronto have changed "Draking" from using a lint roller on your pants to the act of sticking Drake's head on handicapped signs all over town and then posting a photo of it to social media.

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‘I’m Still Drunk’: Jamie Donaldson Talks To Reporter After A Night Of Heavy Drinking


YouTube Thirty-eight-year-old Ryder Cup rookie, Jamie Donaldson, was responsible for the point that clinched yesterday's victory for the European Ryder Cup team.

2014 ryder cup

Rory McIlroy Also Posed Shirtless In A Kilt, Is Pretty Freaking Ripped


It wasn't enough for Rory McIlory to dismantle Rickie Fowler in their singles match yesterday at the Ryder Cup.


Kansas Is Auctioning Off Vibrators, Dildos, And Other Sex Toys To Help Their Massive Budget Crisis


Shutterstock When the going gets tough, the pathetic tough auction off sex toys.

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