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8 Beloved College Mascots That People Forget Are Actually Incredibly Dangerous Animals


College football took a page right out of Jungle Book when they picked these live mascots to represent their university.

Richie Incognito

10 Impact Free Agents NFL Teams Won’t Even Consider Signing

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There are players who break their bones too often and players who break the law too often.

NFL rookies

9 moments NFL rookies reminded fans they’re overgrown children


Not everyone can be Texans’ rookie Jadeveon Clowney, stomping around field making running backs into rag dolls.

NFL training camps

11 most ridiculous moments at NFL offseason camps this year


  It’s best not to live inside a hole for the weeks building up to the NFL season.


5 teammates you’d love to have and hate to play against


Everyone thinks they want Kobe Bryant, Lawrence Taylor and Brett Favre on their team.

World Cup dream team

2014 World Cup: Customize your dream team


You’ve got $22 dollars to spend on your starting lineup.

nba fixed

7 NBA moments that looked like WWE matches


Of all professional sports leagues in the United States, the NBA has the sketchiest history.

Russell Westbrook

5 freakishly athletic NBA players custom made for this year’s NFL draft


The NFL draft is as much about promise as it is about past production.

Northwestern union

A handy guide to understanding Northwestern’s potential student-athlete union


Northwestern football players cast a vote on Friday, April 26th on whether to form college athletics’ first student union.

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