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how old is Hayden Panettiere

25 awesome Hayden Panettiere GIFs to celebrate her 25th birthday today


Hayden Panettiere may be pregnant with a child who might just enter the world larger than her thanks to her fiancé, but we still have these classic pre-pregnancy memories of her to help celebrate our favorite "Hero" turning 25 today.

Zack Morris

10 pranks that should have landed Zack Morris in jail


We love Saved by the Bell, but at this point we should all realize that Zack Morris is a menace to society.


12 steps to follow after you find a spider in your bed


  Few things in life are more terrifying than waking up in the middle of the night to the feeling of something crawling on your body.

serial kilers

10 creepy serial killers you’ve probably never heard about — until now


It’s terrifying to think that the most sinister and successful serial killers are the ones we’ve never heard of, because they’ve never been captured.

hot chick gifs

25 GIFs that restore your faith in hot women


Do these GIFs restore your faith in hot women.

urban dictionary

21 best Urban Dictionary definitions of all time


Urban Dictionary is full of some of the most ridiculous and insane terms you’ve ever heard - especially in terms of sex.

there will be blood

12 fantastic movies people should NEVER watch more than once


There are some movies that deserve multiple viewings.


This is the mother of all twerking videos


Twerking may have been created in the United States but it was perfected in Russia.


19 hot chicks jumping on trampolines


This is a very important post about chicks jumping on trampolines.


12 guys who were never afraid of a challenge


  Only a certain type of men can persevere when faced with incredibly difficult obstacles.


31 beautiful babes busting out their sundresses for summer


The calendar says summer starts on June 20th but we all know it doesn't officially start until the ladies bust out their sundresses.

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