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Gaston McGary is a BroBible contributor and PR manager for EDM producer @QUINTINOO. After graduating from Rutgers U, he's been writing about music since the spring of 2012 after briefly dipping his toes in the corporate world. He enjoys greener pastures, listening to rap music at loud volumes, NYC sports, and IPA's.
Deep house has been around for years, just like many other sub-genres of house music, but is now getting some major attention.
Is EDM dying?
With the vocal bomb 'Summer' still absolutely crushing the music charts, Calvin Harris returns once again to his own Fly Eye Recordings label to release
In a recent interview with The London Evening Standard, deadmau5 let his opinions known on the so-called decline of electronic dance music.
Yesterday on Twitter, a discussion broke out via a great deal of DJ’s concerning today’s EDM scene based on a fairly extensive rant from The
Not many people know Harley Edward Stretenm by name. But I’m damn sure he is much more recognizable by his DJ moniker: Flume.
IamG came onto the scene a few years ago as an up-and-coming college rapper. Working with some heavy hitters in the rap game, IamG (known as
There's an ongoing trend in hip hop these days that draws more and more audience attention to the producers behind some of our favorite tracks.
Before everyone starts whining and rambling, saying “F*ck EDM” and “You missed so many good tracks,” etc etc, realize that this is a list for
As the head one of the most exciting American record labels, a resident DJ at some of the greatest clubs in the world, and nabbing
One of the most major electronic dance music festivals in the world, UMF, finally announced that the 15th edition of their event will be hosted
Ok folks, it’s time to kick off a new monthly feature here at Brobible. With the sudden explosion of dance music in the US, we
You're about to read an article written by one of the biggest and longest running Afrojack fans known to man—and regardless of your opinion at
Yes, unfortunately it’s Monday again. Now, the only saving grace from returning to work after a weekend filled with football, drinking, and excessive eating –
As he prepares for his upcoming tour with Wolfgang Gartner, Pierce Fulton has been furiously in the studio working on some new tunes for the
Whether you've been to Ezoo every year since it's inception or this is your first go-round, make sure you peep this list. No this isn't
First off, who doesn’t look free music? In a world where every EDM beat drop, piano build, or big room tune are all starting to
Alright, so it's been a short while since we've heard some new material from the bro of all bro's aka Pierce Fulton. The guy has
Back yet again another eclectic and funky rendition of his ever-growing popular radio series, Pierce Fulton presents "Get Weird Episode 002."
So whether you're laying on the couch indulging in true laziness or hating yourself at work right now, Michael Brun is here to save the
As one of the hardest working talents in EDM, Pierce Fulton seems to never take a breather. And with a propensity for producing some of
Finally one of the best cuts off ASAP Rocky's LiveLoveA$AP mixtape gets the visual treatment. 
By now you should be familiar with the 19-year-old DJ prodigy Pierce Fulton. If you’ve been living under a rock, you’re in luck. Last week
With his innovative big room sound taking the EDM community by storm, Deniz Koyu has certified himself as one of the best in the last
As Pierce so eloquently stated when he released this mix via Twitter, 'Finals week sucks' and we couldn't agree more. Although, I personally haven't taken
Showing no signs of letting up on his EDM war path to success, Pierce Fulton gives back to the fans a bit in the form
After his decision to not release his epic set from this year’s Ultra Music Festival, Kaskade fans everywhere were severely disappointed. But when the Chicago
Point blank, Pierce Fulton is the ultimate bro. One on hand, this guy lives the normal college life as a sophomore filled with
Newsflash: It's almost Summer 2012 and EDM is at its peak. Festivals and live shows are attracting all sorts of characters, from ‘Molly’ heads to
The first single off the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album comes a little earlier than expected. Yeezus originally planned to release first the single, 'Mercy' at
Yup, you read that right. "Cannibus Cup" veteran and hip-hop godfather Snoop Dogg plans to release a new songbook entitled "Rolling Words," which sticks close
Every year, DJs and producers flock to South Beach, Miami for week of babes, beats, and of course – beautiful weather. This year, with EDM