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Dub lives in Boston and blogs at Working Man’s Diary. He's also that black friend you never knew you had.
It was that intense.
He really does.
We support this cause.
It makes hot girls hotter.
The best game ever.
One wild ride.
They're kinda offensive.
It can get a little awk.
You may not understand at first, but you will love it.
He's not looking good.
Can we kick it?
Admit it. You're curious.
It's the only way to stay in shape, make friends AND get drunk all at the same time.
Game of Meta.
Be prepared.
Childhood memories. Now bro-ified
What were you thinking?
There is, in fact, method to this madness.
The booze phases every bro goes through.
When are you supposed to clean a duvet?
More like e-bro-ji. If you learn to use them right.
The only guide you need this year.
Give us all these. Please.