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David Covucci is writerer-bloggerer for BroBible dot com. He loves Twitter and whiskey. He can be reached at
This is... weird.
Let's out meta the meta.
We're looking out for you.
It's one way to pass the time.
Steal this look.
Deservedly so.
This bird is boss.
Because it's gonna be the best one.
And freakin' cool.
Darude is French for 'The Rude.'
It's an ouch.
The dystopian future is surprisingly gorgeous.
Unconfirmed, but well-sourced ish.
It's perfect.
It's everything you once loved.
Like a boss... err... slave.
Who is to say if she is wrong?
What's with star receivers lighting up?
Viral marketing or sheer idiocy?
Had to be fraternity hazing.
According to her Instagram captions.
Peak Celebrity Winning the Internet Behavior.
Because why stop?
Like I said, this iceberg looks like batman
Talk about serious ninja moves.
Went down in Russia. So you know someone died.
Not ironic, actually.
You should travel back in time, stop yourself from losing it, then travel forward in time, and lose it now.
So much fucking money.
Buy them for your girlfriend.
Sounds sane.
Very nasty. But too funny.
So hard.
His fiancée called off the engagement.
It's delightful.