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Terrible idea.
You wanna?
Here's some ill-ass frisbee tricks.
Finances must be tight.
Eggs are cool and all, but this is weird.
Adorable. Duh.
He sends it flying into the air!
Stoners rejoice at math made simple.
Just kinda ingrained in me, I guess.
Good dog content.
We had high hopes.
What a loser.
It's here it's here it's here it's here It's here it's here it's here it's here.
Barack No-bama.
She is done partying, I guess.
And hope and hope and hope.
A story in three acts.
Real mature, missy.
This is a fact.
It's pretty insane.
You know. Dancing.
Short answer, no. Long answer, maaayybe? We can hope.
It's awe-inducing.
At least double what you are consuming now.
And the Wall Street Journal is on it!
Mike Camerlengo needs a job.
Which can only mean one thing.
A modern-day Einstein.
Guess! Why aren't you guessing? I thought you were gonna guess!
It's the ice truck-et challenge! Get it?
Yea. dude. Yea.
Involving a 325-pound defensive lineman.