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Watch This Backyard Wrestler Flip His Opponent Off Roof And Thru Four Tables For Zero Pay


It's because of guys like CM Punk and Seth Rollins that backyard wrestling is still a thing.

WWE rumors

The Shield On Cover Of Last WWE Magazine & Vince McMahon Hates People Who Sneeze — WWE Rumors & Reactions


Today in WWE rumors — The official magazine of the WWE shuts its doors, Vince McMahon is successful but hates sneezing, the four hundredth Daniel Bryan injury update for the week and the WWE is yet to address the Alberto Del Rio situation.


Here Are Shots From a Naughty ‘Futurama’ Cosplay, And Dear God, Look At Bender


I'm still not 100% on board with the adult film parody craze.


Reporter gets nailed with not one but TWO ‘f–k her in the p—y’ bombs on live TV


The worst assignment for any news reporter HAS to be reporting from an area surrounded by thousands of drunk college kids.


16 Prison Slang Terms You Should Definitely Use At College


You speak a completely different language at school than you do at home.


Bellator Star Explains Why Pro Wrestling Is A Much Tougher Sport Than MMA


For years, the combatants of MMA and the stars of professional wrestling haven't really seen eye-to-eye on a laundry list of topics.