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weird news

Man Admits To Burning Down Home During News Interview, As House Crumbles In Background, And The Cop’s Reaction Says It All


Typically, a guy setting a house on fire would be 100% un-bro but, in this case, an argument could be made for "Carlos" in this particular instance.


Bret Easton Ellis Admits A Truth About Patrick Bateman That ‘American Psycho’ Fans Might Not Want To Hear


It's fascinating to listen to an author, writer, director or any creative person discuss their work.

toke or smoke

Is This Bulls Fan Vaping Or Ripping A Huge Hit On TV? We Can’t Tell


I'm going to need a ruling on this Vine that popped up in my Twitter stream.


Ohio State Needs To Get Jacked For A Game Against An Under .500 Michigan, So Students Are Doing This All Over Campus


I know, I know, any given Saturday, but come on -- Ohio State shouldn't need to get juiced up for an incoming Michigan team that's just praying for the season to end and an eventual head coach search.


Bro Uses Rare Ferrari F50 As A Way To Get Some Wakeboarding In


The license plate says "TAXTHRICH" but I'm pretty sure everyone involved in this video has enough scratch to at least classify as "upper middle class.


Potty-Mouth Princess Posse Drop Many Adorable F-Bombs On Domestic Violence


I want to adopt every single little girl in the video.

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