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Disneyland is the most magical place on Earth if you’re a child or mentally slow.
The biggest movies 2014 includes toys as heroes, heroes as heroes, mile-high lizards losing to heroes and a flick with […]
Jack is back.
LeBron James will end up retiring as the greatest basketball player of all time. Even if he doesn’t win as […]
Hot Pockets — the food most enjoyed by the diseased and unsound animals of the world — is being pulled […]
If you’re looking for first class accommodations that you won’t have to pay out the ass for, check out Hotel […]
What a dick. A man has been jailed after he encouraged a ‘backyard tattooist’ to draw a 40cm penis on […]
We’ve all been too drunk to drive home. That’s why people designate a driver, or if you don’t have any […]
Last night, Juno and Inception star Ellen Page proudly announced she’s gay. She did so at the LGBTQ youth conference […]
Major League Baseball lost an ambassador and friend of the game this week with the passing of former player and […]
Hosting the Olympic games is a huge honor, and huge undertaking, for any city. Between venue and course construction and […]
In the recently published Sports Illustrated piece about Michael Sam’s announcement that he’s gay, anonymous sources within the league said […]
Most pranks are funny on some level. This prank isn’t funny on any level. According to reports and firsthand accounts […]
Group text messages must stop. Unless it’s super urgent. Something like “Dear everyone in my phone, I’m going to die […]
Every year, Jerry Seinfeld inches closer to being that bitter old comedian who thinks the world of comedy owes him […]
You’re never going to believe this but a professional athlete is good at sport different than the sport he’s paid […]
Red Hot Chili Peppers’ skin smasher Chad Smith and movie and TV funny man Will Ferrell look strikingly similar. Jokes […]
Papa John’s is investigating an insane explosion behind one of its location in the UK. Papa John’s in the UK? […]
If humans are willing to wait about twenty-five years, we might get our answer to the question “Does life exist […]
Fresh off the announcement of the participants for the 2014 Slam Dunk Contest, the NBA laid down the new rules […]
Canadians! First they get free health care and Bryan Adams and now this — a beer vending machine that will […]
I’ve spent more than a few hours stuck on a train, commuting to and from work, only to do it […]
Last week, TMZ reported that a celebrity boxing match was on between non-convicted killer George Zimmerman and pissing enthusiast DMX. […]
Blake Griffin sat out most of the second half of Friday night’s game against the Toronto Raptors. The Clippers power […]
All that glitters isn’t gold and all that pretends to be fast food isn’t the real deal. Especially this shady […]
Who said bobsledders aren’t bad asses? No, seriously, who said it? I’m collecting names and giving them to U.S. sledder […]
A man from Nepal made a bet with friend that he could chug an entire bottle of whiskey. At stake? […]
Mac Miller is a talented artist. Who knew he could cover chick songs? Last night, Miller released a cover to […]
A private school for girls outside of San Francisco is apologizing after serving a controversial lunch during their celebration of […]
Matt Damon took time out of his busy schedule of being the world’s nicest famous dude to sit down for […]
It’s hard to be creative in the competitive world of video bombing. A Cal student tried to go the smart […]
Nekkid Nate is the owner of Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia. With a name like Nekkid Nate, he’s got to […]
An attempted robbery at a bait and tackle shop in Minnesota was called off, mid-heist, when the robber was too […]
Every day, credit card companies send million of offer letters to potential applicants. It’s possible that more than a few […]
“The King of All Media” Howard Stern recently celebrated his 60th birthday with a huge bash in New York City. […]
The women of Wellesley College are pretty freaked out about a new sculpture titled “Sleepwalker” recently installed in busy spot […]
I’m not a Denver Broncos fan but my favorite team was once on the business end of a Super Bowl […]
Back in 2011, Max Wade rappelled into a San Francisco car dealership, cut the locks, and drove away with celebrity […]
Commercials work, even if you don’t always realize how deep all those ads for cars, ball cream and beer penetrate […] released a fascinating study today. According to the website dedicated to finding rehab facilities for people struggling with drug […]