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Runner Searching For Complete Stranger She Kissed During Boston Marathon Gets Contacted By His Wife


At last month's Boston Marathon, Barbara Tatge made good on a bet with her daughter.

Royal Babies And Such

Bookies Lost A TON On The Royal Baby Name And The Amount Is Absolutely Ridiculous


In case you missed it, or avoid all things celebrity, another royal baby squirted out of the former Kate Middleton this week.


Fisherman Fights Off Great White Shark Attack With The Most Insanely Lucky Move Of All Time


A South African spear fisherman is lucky as hell to be alive after suffering minimal injuries during a great white shark attack off the coast of Port St.

Ole Miss

Ole Miss Fan Says Team’s Huge Upset Win Over Alabama Last Year Got Her Knocked Up


Ole Miss fan Heather Callihan is admitting that the Rebels's major upset win over Alabama last season is the main reason she got knocked up.


How The Hell Did This Poker Player Accidentally ‘Misclick’ His Way Into Winning Over $900K?


Asher Conniff accidentally registered for a big money poker tournament and OF COURSE walked away with the top prize of $973,000.

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