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stupid money

Dwyane Wade Wants To Sell You $20K In Dead Alligator Parts


Dwyane Wade isn't worried about the upcoming NBA season.


Bro Stops At Friend’s House, And Oops, Spots A Severed Head In A Garbage Bag


A Tennessee man is still traumatized after spotting a human head in his friend's backyard.

brobible podcast

Why Don’t Miss America Contestants Wear Bikinis The Entire Show? — The BroBible Podcast


On today's episode of the The BroBible Podcast, Kyle and Chris discuss the Miss America pageant, major pop culture events people just don't give a crap about anymore, college athletes hanging with porn stars and what's been going on in wrestling since Kyle stopped watching back in 2000.


Here’s A Move That Should Be Banned From Wrestling For All Of Eternity


The WWE has a list of moves that performers are not allowed to execute in the ring.

university of georgia

Why A University of Georgia Football Player Spends One Day A Month Surrounded By Cougars


It's funny how certain college football players choose to spend their free time.

city life

Be Sure This Guy Isn’t Around The Next Time You’re Hailing A Cab


Hailing a cab in a major city is a frustrating experience.


Forcing Users To Download The New U2 Album Wasn’t Bad Enough, Now Apple Is Taking Things Way Too Far


Apple sent the new U2 album, Songs of Innocence, to every iTunes library on the planet.


Bray Wyatt Appeared On A Morning Show And It’s An Even Bigger Trainwreck Than You’re Imagining


Bray Wyatt toes the line between absurd character and possibly real person.

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