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How One Night Of Getting Stoned Had A Negative Effect On This Season Of ‘Louie’


If you're an avid fan of Louie, you might have noticed this season was a little on the "where the hell are all the new episodes.


Burger King Selling Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs In Certain States And You’re Probably Not Living In One Of Those States


There's a new menu item in the King's kingdom -- certain Burger King locations are testing out hot dogs and corn dogs.

ask a bro

How Many Times Do I Have To Sleep With A Girl Before I Can Try Butt Stuff?

By | 5 Comments

Welcome back to our weekly dip into debauchery's mailbag, Ask A Bro.


These Photos Of The Ed Sullivan Theater Without ‘Late Show’ Marquee Are Super Depressing


David Letterman is no longer a part of late night television and life still goes on.


The 3-Point Plan To Make Every Breakup MUCH Easier — According To A Woman

By | 2 Comments

Ali Adler has spent the majority of her career surrounded by clueless men.


Advocacy Group Hopes These Adorable Rolling Papers Will Prevent People From Smoking And Driving


Being zero steps closer to solving the issue of drinking and driving, advocates have turned their attention to another "danger" and I'm only putting that in quotes because drinking and driving is a real concern but this.


Real-Life Inspiration For ‘Animal House’ Might Lose Their House And It’s Got Nothing To Do With 0.0 GPA


The Alpha Delta house at Dartmouth University, an inspiration for the 1978 classic flick Animal House, lost an appeal "after a committee withdrew the fraternity’s recognition as a student organization.


Annual ‘Small Penis’ Contest Short On Contestants So Now They’re Taking Nominations And That’s Literally A Dick Move


Do you have what it takes -- or in this case, what it doesn't take -- to win the 3rd annual small penis competition.


The Rock Drops The Corniest Lifting Puns Ever On His Way To Getting A Serious Pump On


The Rock is pumped for his new movie San Andreas but that doesn't mean he's going to skip the gym for a couple extra talk show appearances.

graduation 2015

Paraplegic College Student Keeps Promise To Walk Again And Does It At The Perfect Moment — His Graduation


Chris Norton suffered a severe spinal cord injury in playing football for Luther College back in 2010.


Canadian Sets World Record For Farthest Ride On Hoverboard And It’s Only A Matter Of Time Before We’re All Hovering Around


There's a new Guinness World Record in hover boarding -- though I had no idea a world record in hoverboarding actually existed -- and it's 900 feet set by Catalin Alexandru Duru.

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