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White House jumper kicks dog

Man Jumps Over White House Fence, Kicks Attack Dog, Is The Devil


If there's ONE THING we here in America don't stand for, it's animal abuse.

xbox one

Bros! Enter To Win An Xbox One Special Edition ‘Sunset Overdrive’ Bundle

By | 40 Comments

In honor of Insomniac Games’ highly anticipated 'Sunset Overdrive' being released on October 28th we're stoked to offer an incredible giveaway including a special edition 'Sunset Overdrive' Xbox One, full game download, special day one DLC, and headset.


Racist Tour Guide Has Insanely Racist Meltdown About Chinatown On Last Day Of Work


This is what it looks like when a shitty person's shitty life unravels right in front of your eyes, this is an absolutely atomic racist meltdown by the world's most racist tour guide.


UF Fan Posts Craigstlist Ad For New Gators Football Head Coach–Wants Women To Keep Their Mouths Shut

By | 3 Comments

The University of Florida football program has fallen into complete disarray under current head coach Will Muschamp, and one sexist Gators fan is taking the search for a new coach to Craigslist.


Man In Japan Receives First Ever Prison Sentence For 3-D Printing Guns


Yesterday the Yokohama District Court of Japan handed over a historic verdict when they sentenced former a former college employee to 2 years in prison for manufacturing guns using a 3-D printer.


Bro Charges Massive Wave While Holding 2nd Board Switches Surfboards Mid-Wave, Somehow Doesn’t Die


California's Newport Beach is home to 'The Wedge,' one of the most famous waves in the world.


How To Make A Rocket That Flies 2,000ft In The Air Using Kitty Litter, Powdered Sugar, and Costing Only $0.50


You should never have to justify 'why' you might want to build a rocket, because building rockets is inherently awesome and anybody who questions that is a jackass.


70% Of The World Pronounces GIF Correctly, The Rest Of You Are Morons And I Hate You


In a recent collaboration between Mashable and ColumnFive they polled 30,000 people on who they pronounce various common place words on the Internet, and some of the results are fairly astounding.

Viral Photos

36 Hilariously Random Photos You Definitely Don’t Want To Miss

By | 2 Comments

In today's Must See Imagery we're tackling the hilariously random photos I came across on my daily journey to the center of the Internet.


How To Pull Off A Royal Flush In Poker Without Getting Caught Cheating


I would never in a million years advocate that someone cheats at cards, in fact I'd probably punch you in your cheating ass face if I ever caught you doing it.


Watch This Ninja Save A Vintage Mustang From Near Total Destruction


Some people cannot take care of their nice things, and other people treat the most menial of objects as priceless artifacts.

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