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The FCC Just Took A Cleveland Steamer On Verizon’s Chest—Verizon Responds With Saltiest Statement Ever

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After spending unknown fortunes in an attempt to persuade the FCC to allow them to create 'fast lanes' on the Internet, Verizon's hopes of throttling everyone who doesn't pay up got shut down today in a 3-2 vote by the Federal Communications Commission to reclassify ISP's as 'common carriers' under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act.

the wankband

You Can Charge Your iPhone By Jacking Off With Pornhub’s New Wearable Technology Called ‘The Wankband’


Alexa has Pornhub listed as the 75th most popular website in the world, and I'm willing to bet if you're reading this sentence right now you've surfed the hub.


This Frat Just Changed The Lives Of A Homeless Family Forever, And We Need More Stories Like This

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The Iota Phi Theta brothers of Kean University in New Jersey just changed the lives of one homeless family forever by buying them a plot of land in Newark, and setting up a crowd fund to have a house built on that land.

Viral Photos

50 Of The Best Damn Photos On The Internet

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In today's Must See Imagery we have some hilarious demotivational posters, sexy mishaps, perfectly timed photos, and more.

Super Car

Two McLaren Supercars Battle On The Track And They Sound Like Scar vs. Simba In The Battle For Pride Rock


The McLaren F1 GTR will forever be one of the most revered supercars ever made.

how to parallel park

Don’t Be That Guy Who Holds Up Traffic: How To Parallel Park Perfectly, Every Single Time


Knowing how to parallel park perfectly is a skill a lot of people take for granted.


Condom Stocks Soar 15% After South Korean High Court Decriminalizes ‘Adultery’


The highest court of South Korea has struck down an antiquated law concerning adultery.


Daniel Tosh Shows Why S&M In The Office Is A Very, Very Bad Idea


When you don't have a human resources department (as Daniel Tosh claims about his show), you can pretty much do whatever you want.


Italian Bro Wearing NASCAR Gear Catches Catfish Big Enough To Swallow Ricky Bobby


There are 'big fish' and then there's this mutant Wels Catfish caught last week by a gentleman fishing in the Po Delta of Italy weighing 266-pounds (19 stone), and measuring 8ft9in in length.

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