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If Guy Best Friends Fought Like Girl Best Friends


A highly-entertaining look at what it'd be like if Bros had #besties in the same way that chicks do.


Weird Things Couples Do Before Sex


If you have a girlfriend, this video is #ohsotrue.

sex facts

10 Facts About a Single Bro’s Sex Life That You Won’t Believe


If you're not part of that 82% then you and I probably wouldn't be very good friends.


This Video Shows What It’s Like To Not Watch ‘Game Of Thrones,’ AKA To Have 0 Purpose In Your Life


I’m going to tell you flat-out that if your friends reference Game of Thrones as much as the people in this video do then you need new friends.


What If There Were Sports Gods?


Turns out the pro football god is kind of a dick.

pop stars

Watch A Bunch Of Dudes Try Pop Star Makeup For The First Time And Transform Into Really Ugly Chicks


The tagline for this video on Youtube is “Watch men get beautified like a pop star,” which is amusing because each guy featured in this video gets significantly uglier after their makeover.


If You Don’t Think This Is The Best Movie Supercut Ever Then Get The Hell Out Of Here


A nice little collection of movie characters who need to either 1) get out of here 2) get the hell out of here 3) get the fuck out of here 4) want someone to get the hell/fuck out of here and then the subsequent getting the hell out.

key and peele

Watch ‘Key & Peele’ Just Rip On The NFL Concussion Issue In The Most Hilarious Way Possible


I can say without a doubt that if you don’t think Key & Peele is funny, there is a 95% chance that you’re literally Satan.


Watch Every Hilarious Mistake From UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg’s First, And Probably Last, NFL Game


UFC announcer Mike Goldberg had a rough weekend in the NFL on Fox booth.

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