Bread Foster
About Bread Foster... Bread Foster got a degree but rolled a joint with it instead of using it. He's a NYC comedian but a multinational drunk. He enjoys sharing his insanity with the Internet even though it constantly gets him in trouble.
bro life

4 Things Bros Need To Stop Saying In 2015


Bros have their own language, as the loudest in the room they make everyone know it.


3 Keys To Surviving A Street Fight


The world we live in is savage and cruel, once the illusion of safety is gone it boils down to one man vs anyone whose out to get him.


5 Main Differences Between Drinking in College and Drinking In the Real World


Adults may not be able to drink as much as college students, but they do always have their own toilets to puke into.

theme parties

7 Theme Parties You’ll End Up At During College


Drinking never gets boring, the way you do it does.


I’m Here to Tell You That Neon and Snapbacks are Dead, Stop Wearing Them Immediately


These are scary times, we live in a world where men wear candy bracelets and its not for luring small children into a van.

Social media

6 Rules You Must Follow on Social Media After a Break Up


Once you look back, you realize it was over before it started.


6 Underrated Places to Pick Up Girls After College


College life means a bevy of potential hook-ups are around you constantly.


6 Indisputable Rules of Pissing at a Urinal


There is joy in simplicity, and nothing is simpler than releasing a quart of urine that's been backed up into a porcelain target range.

Real World

5 Things College Teaches You That Actually Apply in Real Life


Post graduation feels like being a freshman in the real world.

sex positions

6 Sexual Positions You Only Use in College


College sex is weirder than what you'd find in a hoarder's basement.

pros and cons

The Pros and Cons of Doing Cocaine, In Honor of Hunter S. Thompson’s Birthday


Cocaine is a magical powder that screws with everyone's brain worse than a bad relationship.

hot to avoid blacking out

5 Tips to Keep You From Blacking Out the Next Time You Binge Drink


People love drinking but no one loves waking up next to a monstrosity.

dorm rooms

5 Items In Your Dorm Room That Can Get You On Housing Probation


Like people serving a life sentence in jail, college students have too much free time to figure out how to get in trouble.

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