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Bread Foster got a degree but rolled a joint with it instead of using it. He's a NYC comedian but a multinational drunk. He enjoys sharing his insanity with the Internet even though it constantly gets him in trouble.
Drinking never gets boring, the way you do it does.
These are scary times, we live in a world where men wear candy bracelets and its not for luring small children into a van.
Once you look back, you realize it was over before it started.
Her back was almost as strong as her sext game.
College life means a bevy of potential hook-ups are around you constantly. In the real world, not so much.
There is joy in simplicity, and nothing is simpler than releasing a quart of urine that's been backed up into a porcelain target range.
Post graduation feels like being a freshman in the real world.
College sex is weirder than what you'd find in a hoarder's basement.
Cocaine is a magical powder that screws with everyone's brain worse than a bad relationship.
People love drinking but no one loves waking up next to a monstrosity.
Like people serving a life sentence in jail, college students have too much free time to figure out how to get in trouble.
Bartenders do more good for the world than the UN. Every time you tip a bartender it should be considered a tax-exempt donation.
Being a young man means being afraid of everything but never letting anyone know it.
Greek life parties are where you substitute having a great night at a bar for having a night with free beer.
We get it, its been a long hard night of drinking or just a day where you're in the office and only got to take
#SpoilerAlert, these are amazing.
Face it. You've got no chance.
Summer is upon us. Not officially, but when the weather gets north of 70-degrees, it's fucking summer.
Millennials are the technology addicted, pseudo-political generation that was told there are no losers.
Going to the gym is a lot like going to a strip club. It feels great while you’re there, but […]
Your first year of college is a scary time...for your parents.
After you turn 21 your entire life changes. You have less money, you wake up with weird bruises, you now know the joy of "morning
Between papers and finals student’s workloads are packed tighter than the arteries of someone who works at Arby’s.
Dads are a strange and temperamental group, one minute they’re imparting life skills on you, the next moment they’re hitting you with a belt because
Yoga is the ancient art form of creating asses on white girls.
The world is becoming a strange place, a place where the Internet has shown everyone the scariest of sexual experiences.
So you’re completely out and it will be a week until your dealer picks up...
Life can be a real miserable place. With family issues, roommates, and relationships everyone already has enough on their plate.
A wonderful little dried flower can help you make friends, listen to better music and get laid.
With shows like the Jersey Shore and Sopranos NJ has always gotten a bad reputation. People think it’s nothing but Guidos running around calling girls
The college cafeteria. We've all been there. We've all spent countless hours eating and watching others eat in there. Here are the five girls you'll
A few summers ago a bored genius frat bro invented icing. It's time for a comeback!
When people hear the words “Male Fantasy” they think school girls, maids, and for some god forsaken reason bees.
College is a time where your social circle expands faster than a sophomore’s waistline during midterms.
College is a time to experiment with a variety of ways to ruin your life.